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  1. Arcanum

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    Granted, but it's poison. I wish everyone became their fursonas. (Non-furries would become their "spirit animal" or some shit)
  2. Arcanum

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    Granted, but you go to Hell afterwards. I wish to become my fursona in real life!
  3. Arcanum

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    Granted, but it's far too dark to see. I wish for a pet dragon
  4. RT @AsteadWesley: OMG someone overlayed that ridiculous Dodge/MLK ad with what King actually said about capitalism and car commercials http…

  5. Tweet of the month goes to... https://t.co/pXcZgs9UsK

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  7. When you thought you were done arguing but she says something under her breath. https://t.co/koZdyFdJ3Z

  8. Arcanum

    Gif Your Mood!!!

  9. when you see a rat in walmart https://t.co/ImOnZz1NMw

  10. Arcanum

    What brought you to be furry?

    I actually found out through music. I was talking with a friend on Deviantart about music, and he linked me to a few videos. One of them was some music by Fox Amoore. I was interested in the music, and I noticed something in the description and the comments mentioning "furries". I looked into it, one thing led to another, and I ended up here, on this site. I found it through an ad on FA.
  11. Arcanum

    Last person to post wins.

    And here I was thinking I'd win.
  12. RT @RykerAFox: https://t.co/fnDOLBjvcX

  13. Arcanum

    Howdy doody

  14. Arcanum

    Last person to post wins.

  15. If you're reading this, you lost the game.