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  1. Nooooooooooooo! I played it & it stops when you get him naked!! ;__; What cruel bastard made this demo?!
  2. Never seen it but I wanna try it too now. =O Thank you!
  3. And ties. ........if you know what I mean. ;) lol
  4. Yesh! I like this sentiment! The time part,that is.
  5. I'm offended taht you consider that morning! D= I usual go to sleep later than that,lol.
  6. I don't drink & I can still be plenty crazy,broken,happy & weird....Or for that matter forgetful & uncoordinated. Maybe I was born drunk? At any rate,sounds like your havin' a good time. =P
  7. There's a certain irony in there somewhere. Lmao.
  8. Glade to hear it. =D *puts a snowball on your head* I'm the best at conversation... ._.;
  9. S'all good,I was just teasing anyways.Wruff. =P You seem really active on here. Hope to get to know you.
  10. I ain't new,you new! lol I just...have a bad attendance record. >.> So how's it waggin' new-mew? =P
  11. Ey,don't mind me I'm back from randomly dropping off the face of this thread. ...Just as randomly. I'm not even gonna read everything I missed this time.Too much. Hi,people. Woof. =)
  12. Good news,I managed to brave up & come out of the closet to my friends,just like I was hopping to! It was a surprisingly neutral reaction.Out of like 20+ people only two of them said anything to me so far & it was very possitive. Looing forward to hopefully seeing all of them again this weekend & now I can finally be my goofy self & not worry about acidentally outting myself! X')

    1. acbooster


      Good to hear it went over well! I knew that it'd work out in your favor :)
    2. Tsukikibaokami
  13. So I've been planning to come out to my irl friends soon,probably in the next couple days.But It's driving me off the walls.It's all I can think about.I'm so nervous to see everyone's reactions & that jazz..If anyone actually sees this I'd love to hear your thoughts.I don't really think I need advice per se,but I would love support.I just need to calm down. :/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. acbooster


      I think you're going to be fine. If some of them are unable to accept you for being you, then they may not have been a very good friend to begin with. Good luck!
    3. Ray


      One of my friends was secretly homosexual and my other friends and I didn't know till he told us after four years. We were alright with since he was a good chap and wasn't flaunting about it. Remember it's just orientation so idk your friends, good luck.
    4. Tsukikibaokami


      Thank you,guys.
      I'll probably post again once I've actually done it. x)
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