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Seth Talon

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  1. Heyo, folks I realized something today. There should be a furry convention called Fuzzbutts Anonymous
  2. I don't entirely agree. When a soldier has to improvise, they're still using skills, tactics, and goals that were learned/practiced as part of the plan. Just because things don't go according to plan doesn't mean that the ultimate goal of a mission changes. Just some of the minor goals so that the ultimate goal becomes closer and more achievable. Besides, what is improvising but forming another plan? Short range plan,sure. But a plan none the less. So no, I don't agree with you that all plans are for naught.
  3. Disclaimer the following is my opinion and I do not propose it as fact Killing is always wrong. The moral question then becomes wether it is a greater wrong to let the person live than to kill them. As for who could possibly have the right to make that decision, I don't think anybody does. Bit sometimes somebody has to fulfill the responsibility of that decision.
  4. Glad to hear it's going well! And I saw why you said about possible good things at work coming up! That's awesome, man
  5. Well, just hectic. Lotsa rl stuff going on. Prepping for my fiancée to move across the countryto me. Made some local furriends. Gonna go to my first con in May. Volunteered to do security too. Etc. Just a lot going on. How are you?
  6. And you: Had your ears twitching We're tapping your foot And had food in front of you @AeroLombax I like the avi!
  7. Smiting illusions doesn't work very well.
  8. *Watches as teh grabbypaws pass through the illusion* OwO what's this?
  9. I spy wit my little eye.. A shiny fire cat.
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