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  1. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  2. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  3. Solid256

    Game Makers?

    Been working on a custom game engine, however progress has been slow thanks to college =p.
  4. Solid256


    Welcome, I've just joined here a few days ago and so far no problems. You should be fine here :good:.
  5. Solid256

    Just signed up

    Welcome! *gives a bow.
  6. Solid256

    Two years...

    The average time it takes me to become long-term inactive on a forum is about a few months, and maybe after about a year or so, I might return. My life is too full. Luckily i'm on vacation.
  7. Solid256

    Any Furry Programmers Here?

    Thank you ^^. Yes I recommend you mess around with it as much as possible and get acquainted with it. Also following tutorials helps a LOT. Ones like these: http://www.opengl-tutorial.org/
  8. Solid256

    Any Furry Programmers Here?

    Thanks!   As for Python, I recommend it to anyone who wants a good scripting language for writing high level software. I primarily use python for writing scripts for Blender. That is another one of its good uses.
  9. Solid256

    2016 New Years Resolutions

    Same here. I have spent most of my year focusing on Calculus and programming, and I kinda miss doing art. Also i'm hoping I have more time to hang with friends.
  10. Solid256

    Heya, Names Tea

    Welcome ^^. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. Solid256

    2016 New Years Resolutions

    Learn how to become a better artist, and also improve my handwriting.
  12. Solid256

    Any Furry Programmers Here?

    Programmer here ^^.   I am currently learning how to set up 3d graphics engines with OpenGL, and I am experimenting with different methods for implementing 3D graphical effects for run-time applications, such as games, simulations, etc.   I am also currently studying game development as a hobby, and I am attempting to create my own indie games.   I use a mix of c++, java, and python generally.
  13. Solid256

    Random Questions

    "-If you could have any super power/ability (maximum of 3) what would it/they be and why?" A: I would like the ability to transmute into anything I want. I could turn into my fursona, or I could turn into a soda machine and get free money :D!   "-If you had animal ears and tail, what would they look like? Would they be your sona's, or a different kind?" A: Probably my sona, though it would probably look embarrasing on a real life human body imo. It looks good in anime, but probably not in real life.   "-Any pets?" A: A chihuahua and a black cat.   "-What made you decide your fursona, (species, appearance, etc.)?" A: Just thought that foxes were cool, so I chose one. Also Eevee party kinda influenced me.
  14. Solid256

    for you fallout 4 freaks

    I remember playing Fallout 3 and getting extremely addicted to it, and I didn't spend enough time on homework. Hope the same does not happen with Fallout 4 :p.
  15. Solid256

    new to fury and the comunity

    Welcome ^^. I'm 'sort of' new here too. I created an acount I think a year ago, but left rather early..