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  1. I'm back home! Can't say I've missed being back on the mainland but I did miss my own bed lol

    If you ever get the chance to visit Oahu.... GO!!! There's so much to do (hiking, paddle boarding, sightseeing). So many different kinds of food to eat (sauteed mahi mahi sandwiches, malasadas, mochi ice cream, poke, etc).  I went to the Polynesian culture center. I saw fireworks from my hotel room in Waikiki. 

    I wanna go back!!!! :'(

    1. Snowmew Justin
    2. Salvatoriago


      Plenty! There was a gay karaoke bar within walking distance from my hotel but could go cause I was with family the entire time.

      I had a fun time flirting with this one dude I almost stepped on as in was walking out of a convenience store. He was sitting on the steps smokin a cig. I did a quick hop out of the way and then he looked up at me and he looked me in the eye and I looked him in the teardrop tattoo under his right eye and he said "no worries bruduh". Then we were quite for a bit just looking at each other before I looked back to see if my family was still shopping and then I asked if I could short his cig. He stood up said yeah and then he asked me how I was liking the island. We spoke for a good 15 minutes he was pretty handsie. Kept putting his hand on my shoulder chest and arm. Then my family walked out and we went out separate ways.