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  1. TobiFloof

    Pokemon let's go!

    So, I received a switch, and pokemon let's go pikachu for Christmas, which was a massive shock considering the price. So far the game is quite amazing what with rideable pokemon, the oc box in your bag, and Hm moves not being needed. Is anyone else here playing? If so what do you have to say about it?
  2. TobiFloof

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    She's so teeny
  3. TobiFloof

    How often have you changed your fursona?

    Honestly it's almost routine for me at this point. I've had so many species and designs I don't bother counting anymore.
  4. TobiFloof

    Not dead!

    With cake!?!
  5. TobiFloof

    Not dead!

  6. TobiFloof

    Not dead!

    So yeah, I'm not dead just unable to access my former account. But.....introductions. Hello, my name is Tonight and I love food and books.
  7. TobiFloof

    Anyone have any ghosty stories to tell? :o

    Oh trust me I live in a haunted house so I will post them seperately and start off with a tame one,   One noght I was laying in bed trying to sleep and having a hard time as usual. At this time my bed was across the room from my door and I had a couple hooks on the back of my door where I kept my favorie scarves and necklaces and lanyards. I had and still have this super long necklace that has a locket on the bottom and I wore it all the time. That night I had my eyes closed and i heard a "tick tick" noise I figured it was the cat so I sat up and it stopped, A few moments later it happened again and again i looked and it stopped. This happened 3 more times before I grabbed my I pod and turned it on like I was watching it and it happend again "tick tick." I raise my head and I see my long necklace swinging out from the door as far away as it could and swing back. For a solid 3 munites i watch this necklace swing back and forth and back and forth until the door opens just slightly and closes.   More stories to come like my friend who was killed in a fire and the man who lives in the walls :D
  8. TobiFloof

    Free Character Headshots.

    http://www.tailsrefuge.com/uploads/imgs/tailsrefuge_1448586080__bemine.png :D consider me? Her long black hair isnt pictured but she has long hair with long bangs <3
  9. TobiFloof

    Seeking fun games to play (online)

    Yeah I'm going through a nostalgic period and remembering a couple sites/games I used to spend my time messing around with like IMVU (yes I used to be a devoted IMVU user as a teen. I got in alot of trouble for chatting around age 13) and a site called Gosupermodel (I loved this site it was simple and easy to mess around with when you were really bored and collect clothing items.) I would really like to find some games or sites like these and GaiaOnline. I am not a fan of second life because it lags so bad on my computer. The things I'd like to see in the game or site are Avatars with a few areas to customize Chat Fourms A point system so not everything is free   If it is a game I would like to have An open world Browser would be best but if you have played it and know its safe ill consider downloading it Semi casual (please no constant fighting!)   Yeah thanks ahead of time guys Yall are awesome!
  10. *boops your nose* :3

  11. TobiFloof

    Help I need a name!

    So far my choice is accalia
  12. TobiFloof

    Help I need a name!

    Ok well heres the thang I made a new sona because I was bored and here I am new sona and no ideas for a name. I am calling on you my furry friends to help me pick a name. Im coming up COMPLETELY blank. Thank you in advance for help (ill even accept name generator sites if yall know of any good ones!)        Her personality is sharp tongued,random,hyper,loving,caring,a huge book worm but also shy, She loves to travel and sight see, she hates amusement parks accept for the games and arcades.
  13. TobiFloof

    Hello fellow fluffs

    Hello! Welcome to Tails! I hope you enjoy your stay!  I'm alot like you I'm also very shy irl but trust me you wont be shy one here long. Furs here have a way of making you feel comfortable and more like opening up!
  14. TobiFloof

    Goretober FREE work. (Possible NSFW Gore.)

    No biggie it was a freebie take your time! <3 I mean tomorrow would be perfect because I have a medical test thats scaring me and the art would be a reward but if you cant get it then its fine, :3