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  1. hay boys..this foxy is wanting a little fun.. love you all

    1. alexmclean


      *gropes your rump* :P
  2. nymph le fox

    The Fur Above Me

    Tfam is super sexy and sweet
  3. nymph le fox

    The Fur Above Me

    Tfam is very passionate
  4. hay boys. I'm in a playful mood hehe. one and get me if u can

    1. nymph le fox

      nymph le fox

      Meant coma not one

    2. Kayako Saeki

      Kayako Saeki

      Them's dangerous words

    3. nymph le fox

      nymph le fox

      Hehe then prove it

  5. I'm feeling so darn depressed..I guess this is good bye for a while te. like anyone. Ares oh well iI'm gonna do me so see ya later

    1. Kayako Saeki

      Kayako Saeki

      I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling that way. I hope we see you again soon - you've been a really positive and pleasant presence in this place. Still, I understand if you need to take some personal time.

    2. nymph le fox

      nymph le fox

      Thank you hun..just know I truly do love you all. I just have some things on my plate that I have to handle..I may not be on as much but I will be on..if you truly need to reach mW please refer to my Skype to get ahold of me

    3. Pwrwolf


      Hit me up if you need anything. I'm usually available to talk.

  6. feeling so sad right now..but tomorrow is a better day still...love you all

    1. Narf


      Talk to me :o

    2. Arcade


      whats wrong?

  7. I moved from Arkansas to Texas . I love it but miss a lot of people. but iI love you all* nuzzles*

    1. Arcade


      Enjoy your new home

  8. nymph le fox

    The Fur Above Me

    Tfam looks awesome
  9. everyone just add me on skype

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    2. nymph le fox

      nymph le fox

      Hehe..well its still nice to chat with people..love you all

    3. Ray


      Yes I'm a natural troll for not wanting to add a random ass person on Skype and obligating my time to chatting with them :^) .

    4. nymph le fox

      nymph le fox

      Hehe..ish otay...

  10. to all my Arkansas furrs I miss you all so much

    1. Kit Silver

      Kit Silver

      thank you! i miss you too.

      ...i'm not in arkansas....

    2. nymph le fox
  11. I'm just old fashioned iIguess..a old relic..so i found the solutione
  12. Yes do tell
  13. nymph le fox

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAMis nice and very kind