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  1. Uh...Hi

    hello~! always nice to see new people~ <3 I used to be a gaia online LIT roleplayer as well but its been quite some time since my last one >V<
  2. Hey, brother, nice and steady
    Put down your drink, you ready
    It's hard when things get messy
    Your booty shaking, you know
    Your head has no right to say no
    Tonight it's "ready, set, go"

  3. \owo/ I exist.. kinda, on tusedays, when I feel like it! 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Arabella


      * falls over* @ A @

    3. braenuun



    4. Arabella


      oAO *runs around flailing my arms*

  4. feeling.. crushed, why can't I just stop... I miss him so much ><;

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      *hugs you tight* I know the feeling! Though it may be different from what you're experiencing ;-;

      We are all here for you, hun. 

  5. I like things and stuff~

    1. Naomi


      how dare you... >:o

  6. dread and panic.. I hate this.

    1. Naomi


      Yv(•̀ω•́ ) *shoos the dread away*

      *aggressively intimidates the panic* ( •̀A•́)

  7. I like many things.. especially cake.

    I demand cake plz ;w;

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    2. braenuun


      well THAT didn't work (-v-) HERE YOU GO


    3. Naomi


      the cake's a liiiiie >:o

    4. braenuun


      it's a beautiful lie


  8. Arachnae

    My spider sona all of the arts I have gathered of her, some NSFW so be warned <3
  9. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy youuuuuuuu<3

    1. Arabella


      hello gorgeous <3

  10. ARA! Where's the damn Bard frame?! I've been waiting forever! >A<
    So help me God, if it's not here this are SO stuffed into a cabinet or something! ~(•̀A•́ )

    1. LadyArachne


      Here's your bard, she can sing quite well. 


  11. Last person to post wins.

    Yuki so mean to meh~ ;A;
  12. Last person to post wins.

    -vibrates into existence- >:C sleep is for nerds!!
  13. Last person to post wins.

    how is everyone today?~
  14. Last person to post wins.

    hello friendly people ^W^~