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  1. Share a few lyrics~

    You can just search the lyrics on google x3 It was 'Home' by Breaking Benjamin for my song. It's metal... But happy :3
  2. Share a few lyrics~

    There's a little white porchAnd you wanted it soCan you let me go downTo the end of the roadIn the black and the whiteA Technicolorful lifeCan I stand by your side?We can make it alright
  3. (•̀ω•́ ))))))) *follows!*

  4. This or that?!

    Ignorance all the way :3 Too hot or too cold when it comes to weather?
  5. Hospitalised for kidney stones :c So bored and in pain

  6. Just figured out how to do status updates :D

    1. Kyuu


      Boo, the chat is broke :c
  7. New to the site!

    Unwelcome to the chat. Go away. You are bad fish. D:
  8. GASP! Tis a Jiji! :D <333 *flails excitedly!*

    1. Kyuu


      *runs and hides* o.o'
  9. TR League of Legends

    GoStepOnALego on EUW (main account) kyuubles on NA (play on it with friends sometimes) :3 Add me but please say how you find me or else I might think you're a bot ^^