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  1. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    Hi hii, nice to meet someone new, welcome :3 *sways all of my tails and smiles brightly*
  2. Thanks for the hard work fixing the site, 

  3. How often do I have to tell you that I like you before you realize it silly fox?
  4. AHH, I'm Soo jealous, Beze posted here and I missed the chance! *Pouts and sways my tails* well, I don't mind waiting..
  5. Multiperson World Building

    Ok, i think i can help, i'll message you later
  6. *flippityflappityfloppityfloops*

    1. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin


    2. braenuun


      (.o. )

      ( .0.)


      ( .O. )

  7. Multiperson World Building

    as a writer, my favorite thing to do is worldbuild, if you give me the details of what you want to do, il show you how to do it yourself
  8. SHA-OHHHHHHHHH *flies off into space*


    1. Ryokenohki



    2. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      Every time i see your name X3

  9. Super crazy fast art time with Ryo

    ryooo heres my ref http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24541124/
  10. Super crazy fast art time with Ryo

    Did it
  11. Refsheet

    the official ref Sheet
  12. Super crazy fast art time with Ryo

    Gonna put it on my profile
  13. Super crazy fast art time with Ryo

    I have a ref sheet now!!
  14. Rock's gallery of arts looking for critiques

    *shakes head* I'm using a tablet, if that is affecting it
  15. Rock's gallery of arts looking for critiques

    I can't see the image, try linking it a different way?