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Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

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    Kitsune, nine tailed (Astral Fox)
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    Wouldn't you like to know
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    An Inari Shrine

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  1. a black lab, as common as that is, its very unique here <3 -sways my tails- nice to meet you


    1. NezzytheFox


      OHMYGOODNESS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hushpad
    3. Zen-The-Kittyfox



  3. Nice too meet you, if I haven't already :)
  4. *picks up a purple flower and looks at the camera* "darling?"

  5. *puts sea salt on a super pretzel* WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS FLAVOR!?

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    2. braenuun


      *puts both of you in chocolate and caramel*


    3. braenuun


      *licks both of you and the chocolatey caramel goodness*

    4. Zen-The-Kittyfox
  6. going to write an origin story for wolfy soon

    1. braenuun


      would be interesting.  i've half got derebs and half got ash's and Nuun/crya's is almost done along with several others.


  7. I will be back later :)

  8. I'm glad to say I think that Silky and I will be getting along nicely :3 

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    2. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      i have eyes only for your love <3

    3. braenuun



      That completely misses the point!

    4. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      I know, but it still made me happy to say

  9. *smiles delightedly* You're the one Lady Bethina told me about *hugs happily* thank you for making her happy

  10. My about me is now accurate, if anyone cares :3

  11. <3 *brings flowers to your door, knocks and runs away*

    1. BezeFox


      *open door noticed flowers and look around confused.*

    2. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      -watches from around a corner and snickers happily, my tails swaying in and out of view, thusly giving my spot away-

  12. One of these days, i will remeber to get in bed AFTER setting my alarm clock... which is all the way on the other side of the room (so i actually have to get up to turn it off) maybe i should set an alarm to remind me to set my alarm,

  13. I now know what i want to do for my first solo story on here, i wll continue planning :3

    1. braenuun
    2. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      essentially it will be a revamp of my mecha rp, and i will make a story of it, then maybe from there i'll be able to revitalize the mecha rp and set it in the world i will be creating, (when not goofing around i actually am good at thorough worldbuilding, it is probably my strongest point, maybe)

  14. Nice new icon! Wraith was always my favorite 

    1. Naomi


      Thank you!