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Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

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  1. *shakes head* I'm using a tablet, if that is affecting it
  2. I can't see the image, try linking it a different way?
  3. Hmm, this could be a fun game *sways my tails*
  4. Okay I'll do that tomorrow though :3 but this is very interesting, I has learned
  5. That's so cool! That gives me a potential way to actually art! Ive always done that and gotten frustrated because I had no way to make it look how I wanted, my lines made it too hard for anyone to recognize an image... I will maybe try and do something with this
  6. Oh, I see <3 interesting, I'll check out your gallery
  7. Like Naomi's and the other solid one, I thought you did mainly sketches,
  8. I didn't know you did art like that <3 sometimes I look at your scribble art and I think it's neat cuz I haven't seen that before. But seeing Naomi's piece come out so cute makes me want to pay more attention :3
  9. Hap birfdae, hope you get to enjoy it

    1. Naomi


      Thank you! I worked all day, but I'll be celebrating with family tomorrow! ^w^

  10. There are times when I look at something, and even I'm not sure how to react to it (nsfw)


    1. Snowmew Justin
    2. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      A little yeah, also I recognize that from a comic

    3. Etain


      Hot and adorable.

  11. *sways my tail and observes this new thing* it is nice to meet you
  12. Wonder why the ban?
  13. 930am; *sighs sadly as I walk away from home and get into a car*

    940am; *arrives at the job,  stands off center while holding a pickaxe and wearing a hardhat on the side of my head, held up by my ear*

    1250pm; *arrives home, gets out of the car and drags myself towards the door,  weekly crying out for a shower*

    200pm; *gets out of the shower and realizes how much my back and paws hurt, but finds a new way to tie my bathrobe*

    215pm: "foxes werent meant for heavy work... " *face hits pillow* "I'd be sad if I wasn't overpaid"