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Tundra Lunamos

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Everything posted by Tundra Lunamos

  1. Whelp, officially home from MFF, still one of the best weekends I had all year. Met with friends I knew from years prior and a few ones I didn't, also, apologies to Rira for not finding her! Please don't hate me ;w;

  2. Unaccounted for side effect of Rosemont: IT'S FUCKING COLD ;w;

    1. OmgItsRira
    2. Hyliad


      Makes the warmup snuggles better !

  3. Just have to survive 'till Thursday, and then...off to Rosemont~ owo

  4. https://www.twitch.tv/nightdasher1 

    Bun is sick and playing games, come watch :V

  5. Not everyone can leave a legacy; learned that today.

    1. Miral


      That doesn't mean what you do here isn't worthwhile, though.  Everyone has an effect on the people around them.

  6. Wow, literally RIGHT as I thought it couldn't get any worse, I go and fuck myself into a hole.

  7. Imagine a precariously balanced scale, now slowly shrink the fulcrum over time, to about the head of a pin. Now even the smallest thing sends it into a catastrophe. 

  8. Why is there never just a big red button?

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Because there are some really crazy people out there who shouldn't be near said button. 

    2. Artik Masterson

      Artik Masterson

      they are usually used for nuking things and being destructive :P thats why 

  9. *Pokes your butt.* >w>

    1. Hyliad


      *wriggles butt !*

  10. I have not yet met personally TFAM, but I see him around many of the forums.
  11. Someone play Factorio with me, pls? ;w;

    1. Austin Mistplume

      Austin Mistplume

      i would if i could ;w;

  12. Ah yes...there's the daily Zweihander through the soul..

  13. I feel honored...yesterday I earned the title of "The World's Angriest Huggable Encylopedia."

  14. "Gentlemen of Princess Fallout of the Rings, I have but one final request. In my absence, destroy the Mutated Mountain Lion Furry-Hitler-Chinese Alliance." -Tundra Lunamos, 2016

  15. Someone should play Factorio with me. Please? ;w;

  16. If anyone needs me, I'll be making a nest on my couch and watching Wayward Pines the rest of the day .W.

  17. Brothers of the mine rejoice!

    Sing! Sing! Sing with me!

    1. Austin Mistplume

      Austin Mistplume

      Diggy Diggy Hole? lol

  18. A shoutout to the Walmart company for potentially exposing me, and my entire neighborhood to Valley Fever. :)

  19. "Attention Ground Units; anti-citizen reported in this community code: Lock, Cauterize, Stabilize."


    - An Internet cookie to he who gets the reference first

  20. *Thunks head against a wall.* Back from a Con...straight into even more awkwardness.

    1. Veritas


      You OK, Tunny? D;

  21. I'm...gonna need a second. T___T

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