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  1. Ironically, Nick Wilde and I must compete, but my profile picture is one of the original concept sketches for Nick Wilde from years before Zootopia went into production. So... I am the real Nick Wilde
  2. I guess that means you win
  3. Not before we get this tin can to 2019 pages
  4. First posted here in June 2015 saying “Whoever posts next dies, okay?” Now, I speak Russian, Japanese, and Chinese 你的声音真的很好听
  5. Sebaestian, the bastard, almost won.
  6. Same. I actually forgot about it since 2016.
  7. Here's hoping a mod shuts this thing down for "Taking up too much space on the servers"
  8. whoever designed this website is pretty cool.
  9. *implodes due to VERY long inactivity*
  10. Okay, NOW I am the last poster. Watch this.................
  11. Well, I guess I'm the last poster, then.
  12. That sounds kinda stupid, but that isn't the only thing about it.
  13. So, who here is gonna buy me a galaxy s6 Edge?
  14. So.. who here is gonna buy me an iPhome 6s Plus?
  15. Whoever posts next dies, okay?
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