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Dav Sionnach

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Dav Sionnach last won the day on November 7 2016

Dav Sionnach had the most liked content!

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  • Birthday 12/18/1969

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    Red Fox
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    Married, Closed
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    Near the coffee pot

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  1. Happy Birthday, Boomer!

  2. Happy Birthday, Old Friend wherever you are! :dance:

  3. You're not here but that's no reason to not wish you a Happy Birthday!~

  4. daaaaav :3 *boops you*

  5. Nonsense. The BenevolentLordOfCoffeeAndFoxes makes things important by his mere presence. And all other beings nearby. I think someone slipped an extra dose of ego in my coffee this morning.
  6. Even if I'm not winning this is still the most important outage because I am on it.
  7. This is the only page that's important because it is the page I am currently on and am winning.
  8. Yep. Too late. You lucked out. Ours was 5 going on 40 except for not smoking and drinking.
  9. Save yourself before it's too late! Don't teach him to have an opinion! At least not until he's in high school.
  10. Much poeminess. It is the poemiest poem I have read today. I give it ^'!'^ ^'!'^ ^'!'^ ^'!'^ Four fox faces. Would read again.
  11. Birds of prey have been in short supply lately, haven't they?
  12. I'm just going to jump in and say ^'!'^
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