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  1. I hate goodbyes, so instead I'll lie and say, see you soon, refuge. If for some reason you want to follow me, I'm here.

    Furaffinity: Whoandwhy

    So furry: Anonyma



    1. Kree'arra
    2. Kit Silver

      Kit Silver

      rest in peperoni sweet meme pizza.

    3. Samurai Kai
  2. Anonyma

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    I don't know. Maybe I just push myself away from some people without truly realizing it. Maybe I'm so apathetic and such a jerk because I just welcome loneliness subconsciously, blaming it on a transparent feeling that's not really there.
  3. Anonyma

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    Lots of things, actual well written pieces, good conversational topics, REAL jokes, things that aren't short sentences of replies and nonsensical things that one would typically not find.
  4. Anonyma

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    Its a forum, yes. I would, considerably. I try to contribute things to a place where people do just that. If I can't do that, I leave and move on.
  5. Anonyma

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    I mean that I don't believe I'm contributing anything, and therefore don't really see much more reason to stay other than to talk to a few good friends.
  6. Anonyma

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    Because I don't want to get stuck here lying to myself that this is okay. I love you guys, but I don't really see any other reason to stay. This is emotionally killing me to be truly honest. (Plus I'm a terrible influence on you poor souls) Pleasure to meet you Redwolf, I'm no protection though, I'm just as mad as the rest of the rest of them, if not more so.
  7. Anonyma

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    Do you? I don't recall fighting you fisticuffs style...
  8. Anonyma

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    When I jab, I finish with a right hook. You don't know my jabs.
  9. Anonyma

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    What sense of humor? I've only got jokes stolen from others and makes received the same way. (Save for my terrible puns of course.)
  10. Anonyma

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    Hello Silver. I don't want to stay here too long, because I might consider staying again. A pleasant fantasy, but not quite meant to be. So I won't quite be staying, but at least I'll have seen you all again. You're really wonderful people and I doubt I'll ever forget you guys.
  11. Anonyma

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    There shall be no writings posted here! They're in the trash bin I call a furaffinity account! I've been to many a shady website, many a image board, and many a bunch of other places that must not be spoken of for fear of invoking the great Mantis Tobagan. I also learned things that I never intended to learn, and shared words that probably should've followed me to my grave. But c'est la vie.
  12. Anonyma

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    I know you birbgod, I heard tales of you. Its nice to see you again man.
  13. Anonyma

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    I actively left for...reasons. Reasons even I don't know still. But I couldn't help but see you guys again, even those who are reading this after I've left for the last time.
  14. Anonyma

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    To hell and back. Minus the back part. I've seen some new things, and stayed the same. Just thought I'd pay a few good buddies a quick visit before my feelings make me want to tear my insides out instead of leaving again.
  15. Anonyma

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    Boo. Did I spook ya?