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  1. invisablewolfe90

    looking for a gf

    I've been looking for a real relationship for about ten years now and have yet to really find anything. I'm not cynical but after that amount of time, one starts to wonder if there's anyone out there, or it's just me. (I'm still hoping for the latter... at least that I can change) My big thing is that I'm going to be 30 in less than two years, and have only been in one very toxic relationship. I would ultimately like to settle down and raise a family, but I want to start slow. (Not so slow as taking six months to find the answer to "what do you do for work" as seems to be the case of late, but not so fast as, "hi you're cute, lets fuck") I spend a lot of time working, so I don't have a lot of time to do the whole bar scene, or local clubs, but I won't deny that they do occasionally get visited ^^; I'm hoping to find someone who is both emotionally, mentally, and financially stable, as well as atractive in personality (which is far more important to me) as well as physically fit and healthy. I understand that there are people who will give me shit for that last statement, but I look at it this way, everyone is attracted to different aspects. For me it's more the personality and stability, and as I got older I've found that my attitude toward the physical has changed quite a bit. I am straight, so I'd really only consider women. I am looking for -- in specific -- anyone who is between 20 and 28, though at this point age really doesn't matter as much as it used to, so long as they aren't old enough to be my mother. Anyone who would like to message me, feel free, though at this point in my life, I kinda doubt anyone will. On a final note, I've been saying for the last three years that there is no one out there anymore, I would like to be proven wrong.
  2. No way your back!!!!!

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    2. Bysector


      I'm sorry to hear that :-( 

      Offers a hug

      I've been wanting to so how you were for a while but haven't found any other way of contacting you besides here 

    3. invisablewolfe90


      I'm doing okay, am on telegram if you have an account there

    4. Bysector


      I do, what's your name :-D 

  3. After a long hiatus I'm back and doing fantastic! (for now) My job has really panned out, though I fear for losing it every day because it's one of those jobs where mistakes are very expensive (and I'm extremely inexperienced). I'll be out of debt by mid 2017 and looking for a new place to live, even possible starting my own business if I can get it planned right, first time out. Right now life is good. Still don't have much time, but I'm better off than I was this time last year, those that remember, know what I mean.
    Glad to be back!

  4. sometimes the best thing someone can do for a bad day, is sleep it off and hope for a better tomorrow...

  5. Why is my life falling apart at the seams? Not even two weeks after getting a great job, I total my only working mode of transportation... Am I destined to be a total failure at life? Was I actually supposed to die back in 2012? What is the purpose for so much faultless failure?

  6. tonight is a night where I feel a need to cuddle up with a pretty little girl and listen to the radio as we fall asleep together...

  7. a nice way to end the year... first real snow of tge season.

    1. Dav Sionnach

      Dav Sionnach

      Snow is the meteorological equivalent of a cat. It looks so pretty and fluffy when in reality it WANTS TO KILL YOU!
  8. I did a think... don't know how I did it, but it works

  9. it's cold, it's raining... just burr.

    1. invisablewolfe90


      Very... I hate cold rain. We have a massive winter storm coming in and it started raining this morning
  10. for the first time in almost 4 years, my older brother turns up. can't say he's changed much.

  11. will have internet this evening!

  12. will be hit and miss all weekend, no internet. Have to use phone

    1. invisablewolfe90


      Nah, it's the one con I go to all year, I can manage
  13. Why am I so tired... it's not even nine...

  14. I am so tired of being told that I'm not allowed to have a life and that work should be more important than anything else.

    1. BrokenWolfen


      Play hard before working hard. :3

      Play hard enough, and someone could even pay you for it. owo
    2. invisablewolfe90


      That would be nice, but I've been told my entire life tgat playing is wrong, unproductive, and immature. All of which I know full well is wrong, but it still hurts...