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  1. I'm back from the dead! Check out what I've been working on: https://www.wattpad.com/story/153867257-f-initial-concept

  2. OttoTheFuzzBall

    IRL Photos n' Shit

  3. I'm back from the dead!

  4. ..Why do I love you so much..

    1. Maluenda


      Because Im an amazing and beautiful goddess

  5. My heart is heavy for those victims and families/friends of the victims in the Orlando nightclub shooting. It makes me sick and afraid to see things like this happening today.. Especially when the suspect lived so close to me.. So very thankful that I was not playing at the club that night, as well as thankful to have such amazing friends and family who checked in on me and woke me up this morning with a barrage of messages and calls.. I love you all. 

  6. That was an amazing time!

    1. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      but... i didnt get to do anything Q.Q

      -puts his harmonica away sadly-

    2. OttoTheFuzzBall


      Time will tell...!

  7. OttoTheFuzzBall

    Last person to post wins.

    http://tinychat.com/damienzacharylovria C; long time no stream
  8. I'm live - http://tinychat.com/damienzacharylovria


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    2. OttoTheFuzzBall


      Its ok, I just wasnt feeling it after all.. Decided to stop. 

    3. Kit Silver

      Kit Silver

      well, it took me five minutes to sign in over facebook to even get in to look/hear this time x3, but i tried. i hope you have better next time and i hope to listen to it next time.

    4. OttoTheFuzzBall


      I appreciate it.. I tried.. Just don;'t have the motivation yet.. 

  9. OttoTheFuzzBall

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Aww, cute Mel. :3
  10. You know its bad when you have no motivation to find motivation. :c

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    2. Alcedo


      I got some motivation here for ya :P

    3. OttoTheFuzzBall


      Sounds interesting.. I'm in!

    4. Mel the Blind Folf

      Mel the Blind Folf

      I'll always support your motivation and help if needed!

  11. OttoTheFuzzBall

    Last person to post wins.

    Ughhhh.. Hunger.. Why you do this?
  12. Well... I'm back!

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    2. Mel the Blind Folf

      Mel the Blind Folf

      Otto! Great to see you back!

    3. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle



      -vigorously snuggles-

    4. OttoTheFuzzBall


      Hello all~ ^-^. Missed you.