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  1. OttoTheFuzzBall

    My First Book!

    Hey guys! My name is OttoTheFuzzBall. I've been a writer of fictional stories for over ten years now and I also dabble in poetry. I haven't been very active within the fandom admittedly, mainly because I feel inferior compared to say a visual artist.. There's also a bunch of mental health stuff in the mix, but anyway.. Recently I gathered up enough strength to start sharing my work with people, and because of that I started my first book. Its been in production for over a year and as of now it's titled F. Which will be explained later if you're curious about that. Either way.. I wanted to share it with you guys and see if I could get some feedback and maybe even gain a couple friends/followers from it. I'd love to meet and talk to new furs. I think it'd help me mentally thrive. ❤️ Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/OttoTheFuzzBall SoFurry: https://ottothefuzzball.sofurry.com DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/ottothefuzzball
  2. you have returned!

    1. OttoTheFuzzBall


      I have indeed! 🙂

  3. OttoTheFuzzBall

    What are you listening to right now?! :D

  4. I'm back from the dead! Check out what I've been working on: https://www.wattpad.com/story/153867257-f-initial-concept

  5. OttoTheFuzzBall

    The Ambassador's Plea

    The Ambassador's Plea By: Damien Zachary Lovria Date of Completion: 03/29/18 Look within the mirror and ask yourself a simple question. Is it okay with you that we are living in depression? A state of constant fear where it's okay to hide away. It's easier to stay in bed than face another day.... But sitting here before this screen as my vision slowly fades. I cannot help but feel as though we're wasting life away. There's more to do than what we are yet we can live so peacefully. Perhaps its all because its hard to fight what you can never see. The worst of enemies I've fought are those inside of me. I lost a friend now months ago to beasts we never see. And couldn't help but think that with him went a part of me. I get that money is a need within this world of corporate greed. But also understand that we can fight it if we try. There's no excuse to never try or sit in darkness wondering why our loved ones had to go and die all because the greedy monsters had a glimmer in their eye. A twinkling orb so filled with green, envious they always need, more and more they take from me just as they take from you. Perhaps it's time to wake up and realize what we must do... Unify and make a stand against the greedy grasping hand that crushes us within its clutches and drains the life from what it touches. Walls will never stop the bombs. And guns you grip with filthy palms. Ignoring all the screaming moms who lost their child today. No longer will they watch them play, there's no more planning a birthday, yet with this knowledge we're okay? There's something wrong with this I say. Call me what you want and label me as who you will. But understand that I will never take another pill. I'm done pretending to be fine when trapped within this room. Of doom and gloom where darkness always murderously looms. Like you I've struggled with it all, my body broken from a fall that left me curled up in a ball upon the bathroom floor. I screamed until my lungs gave out, until my whisper was my shout, with knife in hand without a doubt I'd find a way to make it out. But somehow I still live today, much better now than yesterday but something still incessantly tugs beneath my skin. I've never left this battle and here still I'm trapped within. My reflection shakes me to the core please tell me who I stand before as now I face a guarantor of all I locked away. This slippery slope of life's distress had no doubt hindered my progress But spiraling now I do digress I've put myself under arrest. Now here within this prison cell we hate eachother more, yet chained together now we stand before the matadore. He waits for us to make a move. Our final stand we stomp our hooves then charge into his countermove now curtain drop! Interlude.... The dust begins to settle as the crowd waits silently. The dust my deep depression and the crowd; anxiety I'm trembling now, my hands are numb. Shaking as they hold a gun that just before this line was done was pressed into my head. It's strange to think this poem to be my final words if I were dead. But fear it not for I do know that if I were to ever go I'd never get a chance to show you that we'll someday be okay. Yes bruised we are, with battle scars, hands bleeding from those monkey bars we've held onto so long to never lose our innocence. We are hanging in the balance between life or certain death. But never let them go I beg you, breathe another breath. And while it pains me now to know I cannot help if you let go I want you all to understand I'll do my best to try. I've plenty more of tears to show, unafraid to cry, plenty more of strength to lift you up and let you fly. Now if we all just learn to help eachother through this mess. Perhaps someday this wicked world of evil we can best. But never now alone you'll stand if you will trust in me. I'll change this world someday through words not violence, just you wait and see...
  6. OttoTheFuzzBall

    IRL Photos n' Shit

  7. OttoTheFuzzBall

    What are you listening to right now?! :D

  8. I'm back from the dead!

  9. ..Why do I love you so much..

    1. Maluenda


      Because Im an amazing and beautiful goddess

  10. My heart is heavy for those victims and families/friends of the victims in the Orlando nightclub shooting. It makes me sick and afraid to see things like this happening today.. Especially when the suspect lived so close to me.. So very thankful that I was not playing at the club that night, as well as thankful to have such amazing friends and family who checked in on me and woke me up this morning with a barrage of messages and calls.. I love you all. 

  11. That was an amazing time!

    1. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      but... i didnt get to do anything Q.Q

      -puts his harmonica away sadly-

    2. OttoTheFuzzBall


      Time will tell...!

  12. OttoTheFuzzBall

    Last person to post wins.

    http://tinychat.com/damienzacharylovria C; long time no stream
  13. I'm live - http://tinychat.com/damienzacharylovria


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      Its ok, I just wasnt feeling it after all.. Decided to stop. 

    3. Kit Silver

      Kit Silver

      well, it took me five minutes to sign in over facebook to even get in to look/hear this time x3, but i tried. i hope you have better next time and i hope to listen to it next time.

    4. OttoTheFuzzBall


      I appreciate it.. I tried.. Just don;'t have the motivation yet.. 

  14. OttoTheFuzzBall

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Aww, cute Mel. :3