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Everything posted by Naomi

  1. Welcome to NaoMusic Corner ~

    Something nice and easy-going tonight to unwind to.

    Relax and enjoy ~ :3

  2. *Begins the ancient Etain-Summoning Ritual!*

     🕯️🕯️🕯️   ☕  🕯️🕯️🕯️    \(•̀A•́ )/

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    2. Carridwen


      Oh no!  She's gonna knock the cup over!

    3. Carridwen


      Here lies Etain, spilled in her prime.  Alas, we sipped her well...

    4. Naomi


      (xAx)  ... (•̀ω•́ )

      (xAx)(•̀ω•́ )) *scuttle scuttle*

  3. Thought I was done drawing reptilian things?! Nyahahahathinkagain!! \(•̀A•́ )/

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    2. Naomi


      *returns from work to.....this*

      ............... (•̀ω•́ )

      The fuck? \(•̀ω•́ )/

    3. Red


      You're welcome.

    4. LadyArachne


      It was my pleasure (:3:)

  4. Red's Art Circle

    I...don't think I've ever seen a process like that before. That was extremely cool to watch!
  5. Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner~!

    Tonight, we've got a heavy thunderstorm rolling into my area all night, so I thought I'd share some with you!

    Nature has its own brand of music ~

    Relax and enjoy ~

    1. Empath


      *suddenly worries if he left the windows on his car down*

    2. Naomi


      *is in your car....rolling down all of your windows* ~(•̀ω•́ )

    3. Red



  6. Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner ~

    I'm your hostess, DJ's a work-in-progress -3-

    Anywho ~ here's some stuff for you all to relax to while I'm at work! D:<


    As always, relax and enjoy ~ :3

  7. Red's Art Circle

    HOLY MOLY! OAO Thank yoooooou~! That looks super awesome!! \>A</
  8. Can we only upvote/like on status stuff and picture stuff now? But no longer on comments in forums? ;w;

    Unless I'm missing something. Which is ENTIRELY possible. If so, let me know, por favor ;A;

    *searches around aimlessly*

    (•́ω•̀ ))))

    (((( •́ω•̀)

    *ends up lost in a desert somehow!* \(•́A•̀)/

    .... (xAx ) *sizzles*

    1. Red


      How will I show my general, nonverbal approval for things now!?

    2. Empath


      *waters the nomi*

  9. Red's Art Circle

    I WOULD like this or upvote this.......but I can't seem to find where the thingy for that is....if there is one anymore. So instead, imma dispense a scuttle (•̀ω•́ ) Preparing to dispense scuttle in 3.......2.......1 (•̀ω•́ ))) *scuttles* Scuttle dispensed ( -3-)
  10. *does tired, but relaxed Argonian things* ( -w-)

    1. Red


      *Does caffeinated husky things*

    2. Naomi


      (•̀ω•́ )

  11. And now, because I'm bored and noooot the most mature person around ~


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    2. Red


      You are the mistress of wit.

    3. Red




    4. Empath


      OH LAWDY

      (from another room) PLEASE not in front of the children!

  12. Rune's Artsy Things!

    I could super ultra see this as an awesome tattoo
  13. Rune's Artsy Things!

    Gorgeous (•̀ω•́ ) I'd super like......have that as my phone case. And show it off. And make fun of others for not having it. And drink the tears of their jealousy. And then steal their lunch money, and give them wedgies. And then I'd get in trouble, and be sent to the principle's office, and then there would be a serious talk about my dip in performance and bizarre social behavior as of late................even though I've long since graduated high school, and said principal retired..................................... .............................. .............................. What were we talking about? (•́ω•̀ ) Oh yeah! You're an amazing artist! \(•̀ω•́ )/
  14. I made a thing! >A<


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    2. Naomi


      I've never really played much Final Fantasyyy, so I'm not sure what that is ;w;

      But this is my Argonian Dragon Knight! \o3o/

    3. Rune


      Omg this is fuckin faaaabbbb

    4. Naomi


      Thank yoooou~! /)A(\

  15. Mah Art Stuffs! :3

    Here's a glimpse at my attempts at anthro art! Enjoy, and be polite please! ^w^
  16. *wibble-wobbles in....accidentally stayed up till 4:30am doing art*

    (-A- )))

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    2. Naomi


      *suddenly had a passing thought of drawing her scuttlebat as the sandman/sleep-fairy....flying by......aggressively flinging sand at people to get them to sleep* (•̀ω•́ )

    3. Empath


      The only sandman people would run away from instead of welcome.

    4. Carridwen
  17. ✏️~(•̀ω•́ ) *doodles aggressively!*

  18. Hmmmm (•̀ω•́ )

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    2. Red


      Negative space drawing is the key that that style. Pose manics has a whole thing for that to practice with.

    3. Ryokenohki


      Composition also works with um... "Big, Small, Middle"


      It's a really interesting thing that helps make compelling character designs. Like how she has the big patch of dark for the legs, then the small patches of dark in the middle, and the in-between on the top

      Or like how the legs are a big, less detailed area, then there's the middle area which is subdivided into middle-sized areas, and there's smaller areas that are more detailed. Something like that?

      It's sort of like a guideline more than a rule, but this is a really good example I think

    4. Naomi


      Oh gosh....I didn't even consider that, Ryo...hmmm...... *ruminates harder*

      And Reeeed, I never took any drawing or art classes beyond like.....junior high school, so such terms are foreign to meeee ;A;
      But I think I understand what you mean >:c

  19. Rune's Artsy Things!

    That's gorgeooousss ;A;
  20. In a blah mood. Might conjure up a snack, a good movie, and zone out with some art stuff or maybe ESO.

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    2. Carridwen


      I'd skype at you but my phone dedded.

    3. Naomi


      Thanks, Etain. I think I'm just gonna.....go curl up in bed and sleep it off. Nini .A.

    4. Arabella
  21. Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner ~

    For those of you night owls having trouble sleeping, here's something to zone out to :3

    Relax and enjoooy ~

    1. Red


      Night = Daytime to me. :3

    2. Naomi


      Did you just contrarian at me? (•̀ω•́ )

      This shall NOT go unscuttled! \(•̀A•́ )/


  22. Red's Art Circle

    I'd be delighted to peruse whatever you feel comfortable sharing! I'm always trying to improve and seeing the processes of other/better artists helps a ton
  23. Red's Art Circle

    Oohh, thank you. I love seeing the process of an art! ^^
  24. Red's Art Circle

    I worked! \.3./ But I'm celebrating with the fam more tomorrow. Tonight, I'm just going relaaaax ~
  25. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! ;A;

    I was working all day today, and came home to all of this and it was a wonderful surprise and brightened my day a bunch! So, thank you! \;A;/ <3

    *frantically attempts to scuttle each of her well-wishers!*

    (•́A•̀ )))))))))))))))) ~ nya!

    *pant pant* nya! ~ (((((((((((( •́A•̀)

    *eventually crumples*

    (xAx )

    1. Red


      We are just letting your hopes up. But enjoy it for now!

    2. Austin Mistplume

      Austin Mistplume

      no problem, Naomi! :3