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    who knows?! \(•̀A•́ )/
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  1. I adore this. ADORE IT WITH ME!! D8<


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Red


      Nice! You always pick such a great music. You are our DJ!

    3. Naomi
    4. NezzytheFox


      Is Super Cute

  2. Most of my customers:


    1. Ryokenohki


      This is an accurate representation of retail work

  3. Stoon (•̀ω•́ )

    I demand you dispense a scuttle to Etain! And then she you!
    And then the Cycle of Scuttlous Feedback Loop shall be complete! \(•̀A•́ )/

    1. Stoneheart


      These demands have been heard, and are currently in processing. Please allow up to two business days for results. 

    2. Naomi
  4. *has a splitting earache* /;A;\

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    2. Naomi


      ( ouo) ... (QAQ)

    3. Empath


      *speaks, but now that Naomi's deaf, he isn't heard*

    4. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup

      *glues paper replicas onto Naomi and signs "all better!" in ASL*

  5. *scuttle-dashes back and forth!*

                         ((((((((((( •̀A•́)

      (•̀A•́ ))))))))))))))))))

               ((((( •̀ω•́)

       (•́ω•̀ ))

    (•́ω•̀ )

    (•́ω•̀) I need a day off

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Naomi


      (T_T)Yv(;w; ) *Applies the Boop of Appreciation*

    3. Empath


      *calls one boss and then another speaking in his low, sensual voice* Hello~ I'd like to speak to you about an employee of yours? Miss Naomi Foxtrot? Yes, yes, the fruit bat. Complaint? Oh, no, I have none of those whatsoever. However, you must understand that poor Naomi is burned out. She works two jobs and never has a day to herself. I fear this will negatively impact her ability to do her job and bring her joyful energy to your work environment. So I simply want you to align her days off to coincide with each other. And if you ignore my request, then I will be forced to come into your workplace and replace all of your music in your store so that your customers can only listen to one of the worst songs ever recorded, "Afternoon Delight," endlessly.

    4. Ryokenohki


      ( ϱoϱ) ) ) )
      *attempts to channel my energies to you*

  6. Awful Drawings

    I agreed with Ryo! It has a very nostalgic Digimon feel to it! Ah, cool you were before you got so intensely ridiculous with how seriously you took yourself. Ahhh.. -u- But yes! It evokes a nostalgia for me, and you know....when I go to art museums and such, the art I love the most are the ones that create a feeling in me ^^ So, congrats! Your art made me feel a thing! Therefore, it cannot be awful! YOUR FORUM TITLE IS A LIIIIIIIIIIIIIE! D8<
  7. image.png.4f4b3c398aeab624d3f8df59f6802905d.png.bd658c862c5ce55f4a145526ef53314b.png

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    2. Etain


      Something is missing.... Oh! I know. Here:

      New Canvas.png

    3. Naomi


      We need to do this more often

    4. Ryokenohki


      This seems to have worked out just fine

  8. Red's Art Circle

    There's something about the eyes that REALLY stand out and give the character personality ^^ Ryo. You should know better than to post things like this when I'll see them at 4 in the morning and decide to do this! D:<
  9. Red's Art Circle

    I need to draaaaw ;A; But like....if I have a rare day off, I kinda nothing.
  10. *Leaves bags of flavored coffee grounds from her store EVERYWHERE in your house!*

    (•̀ω•́ )))))))))))

               ((((((((((( •̀A•́)

    1. Etain


      *scoots around after these grounds, collecting them in her fur*

    2. Naomi


      Oh gosh. I suddenly just pictured Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown.....just....constantly emanating an aura of coffee grounds XD


    3. Etain


      rofl!  oh gosh.... I'mma die.... lol


  11. Red's Art Circle

    That looks ULTRA cool!
  12. *coffees at you vigorously!*

  13. ✨ Yv(•̀ω•́ ) *flings sparkles atchu*

    1. Empath


      *sparkles like a sparkler!* \( •̀ω•́)/✨

      I actually recently got these cool lipsticks that come with glitter powders that you rub on with your finger to add extra effects to your look. They are SO pretty~

  14. Red's Art Circle

    My....god................. (•̀ω•́ ) It''s..................Beautiful! ;A; *weeps*