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Naomi last won the day on February 15 2018

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  1. I dunno what the monster is in your icon but I super like it~

    1. Naomi


      Why, thank you ~

      It's an edited version of a piece I had done a long while back. It was my take on the Wraith creature from the now-abandoned game EvolVe. I decided to make her smaller, more streamline, more sleek and intelligent. But that was a whiiiile back.

      (Link to actual Wraith) -> http://evolve.wikia.com/wiki/Wraith
      (Link to my rendition of the Wraith) -> https://www.tailsrefuge.com/gallery/image/11482-my-wraith/

      However. I was bored the other day, and decided that she is going to be added to my "Art to be Re-Worked" pile. So I played around with a few things and made this:


      However, I didn't officially post it, because the background is noooot mine. It's the album art cover for some music I listen to.

      (Music Link!) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJq4_LjEiG0

      Please support the official release -3-

    2. Miral


      These things you have shared are all very pretty.

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