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  1. Remember: Kindness begets kindness, do a good deed for someone else and something good may happen to you! Make someone's day today, be the reason they smile.

    1. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      *stops reading the tea bag and dunks you into hot water repeatedly*

    2. acbooster


      That's one way to say hello I suppose

  2. Reasons I may be a vampire:

    1. My canines are abnormally sharp, and one had to be ground down when I got braces so that it didn't pop the bracket off of my tooth.

    2. I have a habit of, when I get a cut on my finger, sucking on it until the bleeding stops. 8/10 taste experience.

    3. The sun is an oppressive mass of shitlord where's my lovely moon.

    4. It's incredibly rude to just enter without being invited in, I can't bring myself to do it.

    5. Church makes me uncomfortable and I was so relieved when I didn't have to keep going to mass.


    Reasons I can't be a vampire:
    1. I have been known to drink entire containers of garlic butter from my Papa John's orders

  3. Learning C++ and the very first thing I make with it is a program that will check what your input number is divisible by that gets increasingly angry the harder the closer you get to a prime number.

    1. Imhara_Silvine
    2. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      C++ is fun but I never could get too into compiled languages. Not enough to make anything actually useful or fun, at least. I've made several things with scripting languages like python, php, and BASH, though!

    3. Imhara_Silvine


      I'm definitely going to be getting into Python. I'm kind of struggling with C++.

  4. Happy Birthday! :dance:

    1. acbooster


      Just a tad late where I am, it's already 130 am on the 1st 😛

  5. Today marks 22 laps around the sun, do I get an achievement for running 20 billion kilometers?

    1. Casper


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Stranger on internet

  6. All these people going nuts over Bowsette and thinking it's a new craze to have the hots for Bowser, I'm just sitting here knowing that this has been going on for decades

  7. It's too quiet tonight and the far-flung effects of the hurricane hitting here have killed my drive to write all week. Someone entertain me

  8. acbooster

    What are you listening to right now?! :D

    Timesuck with Dan Cummins Ep. 90 - The Golden State Killer A really great podcast if you love learning a bunch of useless info with some applicable stuff mixed in
  9. acbooster

    What's your guilty pleasure band?

    Not a guilty pleasure band but rather an artist, I love Joji's Pink Guy albums
  10. Finally moved in on campus, so I'm more or less back again

  11. acbooster

    Share your favorite in-game clips/caps!

    It's pretty simple, but I do have this replay from a while back when I used to play Overwatch more. I'm still trying for the quad+ with the Riptire, I got it in beta but haven't been able to get it since
  12. Terraria has proven once again to be a massive time sink. Picked it up again a few days ago and a full 48 hours have been put into it again, probably about 40 of those actual gameplay. I just made my first orichalcum tools, there's constant event raids, and Skeletron Prime comes by to say hi every night. Please send help.

    1. Red


      Skeleton Prime never visits me. 😞

    2. acbooster


      Considering he says hi by bombing your house, blasting you with lasers, and coming at your with two chainsaws, I'd say you're lucky to not meet him 😛

  13. acbooster


    I missed Samurai Pizza Cats by about 6 years lol, born in 1996
  14. acbooster

    Black Desert Online

    Anyone else here play it? I only know like, one other person who does and they hardly ever hold a conversation more than a sentence or two and I need to talk to people about what I've been doing in it and have them understand it lmao If no one does but people are interested, it's a pay-once MMO that originated in Japan but has since come to the EU/NA part of the world. It hearkens back to the MMOs of the late 90's, with meticulous detail in the world and mechanics that help better give a realism aspect to it. You create a family that shares a lot of the knowledge and resources you gain while playing, meaning that you can work things across your characters and specialize some of them in certain professions. Combat feels good and is highly customizeable, with later class options allowing you to combine skills and augment others, all of this on top of introducing a new way to fight as your class with their awakening weapon. All in all a good time, and definitely worth the money.
  15. acbooster


    Idk if Avatar and Legend of Korra count, since it was made by a Western studio and anime is usually Japanese-made animated shows. Both are very good, but personally I lost interest in Korra while episodes were coming out during season 1. It dragged on for a lot of that bit, and I just couldn't justify taking the time to watch more