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  1. acbooster

    Share your favorite in-game clips/caps!

    It's pretty simple, but I do have this replay from a while back when I used to play Overwatch more. I'm still trying for the quad+ with the Riptire, I got it in beta but haven't been able to get it since
  2. Terraria has proven once again to be a massive time sink. Picked it up again a few days ago and a full 48 hours have been put into it again, probably about 40 of those actual gameplay. I just made my first orichalcum tools, there's constant event raids, and Skeletron Prime comes by to say hi every night. Please send help.

    1. Red


      Skeleton Prime never visits me. 😞

    2. acbooster


      Considering he says hi by bombing your house, blasting you with lasers, and coming at your with two chainsaws, I'd say you're lucky to not meet him 😛

  3. acbooster


    I missed Samurai Pizza Cats by about 6 years lol, born in 1996
  4. acbooster

    Black Desert Online

    Anyone else here play it? I only know like, one other person who does and they hardly ever hold a conversation more than a sentence or two and I need to talk to people about what I've been doing in it and have them understand it lmao If no one does but people are interested, it's a pay-once MMO that originated in Japan but has since come to the EU/NA part of the world. It hearkens back to the MMOs of the late 90's, with meticulous detail in the world and mechanics that help better give a realism aspect to it. You create a family that shares a lot of the knowledge and resources you gain while playing, meaning that you can work things across your characters and specialize some of them in certain professions. Combat feels good and is highly customizeable, with later class options allowing you to combine skills and augment others, all of this on top of introducing a new way to fight as your class with their awakening weapon. All in all a good time, and definitely worth the money.
  5. acbooster


    Idk if Avatar and Legend of Korra count, since it was made by a Western studio and anime is usually Japanese-made animated shows. Both are very good, but personally I lost interest in Korra while episodes were coming out during season 1. It dragged on for a lot of that bit, and I just couldn't justify taking the time to watch more
  6. acbooster


    Start them on an anime that has already ended. Giving them something that they can watch through and know they've experienced it all helps. Start them on something like One Piece? The anime is at 848 episodes already and is no where near finished. Start them on that and they'll probably watch one episode while you're there and never touch it again. My favorites are My Hero Academia, One Piece, Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, and Osomatsu San. The first I watched was Dragon Ball Z Kai when it ran on Nicktoons Network. The Kai version was made family friendly by editing out all the blood and gore, for instance, when Piccolo shoots a hole through Goku and Raditz, all that's there is a scuffed up burn mark instead of a gaping bloody hole
  7. Oi keep it down, folk are trying to sleep over here, it's quarter to 5 ;v
  8. Aye that it has
  9. Ah, I was confused because you said "he" x3
  10. Who might know you as that?
  11. That's what I mean is that it's on a separate client. Since it's not on the site, people are less compelled to visit the site for anything, when everyone is already on discord. People visit less, driving more people to stick to just discord, and it cycles
  12. acbooster

    The Wisdom of Pilkington

    "...and, the little round-head buffoon, that is Karl Pilkington." - Ricky Gervais Long story short I finally got to watching the Ricky Gervais Show after keeping up with Vinesauce for so long and always hearing about the pearls of "wisdom" that fall out of Karl's mouth. And I have to say, goddamn that show is funny, Monkey News and reading from Karl's diary gets me every time, the stuff he says really is batshit insane, there's a reason Ricky always says, "Karl mate, you're speaking rubbish!" Anyone else watched/listened to this show?
  13. Aye it's good to be back too. I just hope I have reason enough to stick around this time
  14. x3 Idk yet what I'd be going for or looking for in an rp here so it may be a bit, but I'll def let you know about it when I do think something up
  15. Before the fiasco a lot more people were roleplaying, but like you said a lot of people left. I did notice that Naomi had poofed, but I haven't been in contact with her for a long while anyhow, we didn't have any of the same messaging platforms. I'm in a few discords with Viv and he's doing well, just doing his own thing now. I may poke around and try to stir up interest in an rp of some kind here soon