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braenuun last won the day on December 18 2019

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  1. not only did i partake in making another HOOMAN,

    I made a hat or two too.

    1. Red


      When is enough enough, you madman!?

    2. braenuun


      I will never be satisfied!

    3. Red


      Right on. U_U

  2. he is born! 
    and i alreadydon't know what sleep is!

  3. the wheel of time only turns so fast
  4. ah, now the pages are in interesting years! im sad i missed page 1912
  5. Henlo and welcome to madness! therapy ootr is here! reach out to any of us and we'll do some awesome things!
  6. braenuun


    Hello and welcome to the madness >:3 intros might include some things like what’s your fursona like if you have one, what brought you to the site and the fandom, how long have you been a furry, what kind of things do you enjoy or hope to get your fingers/paws/toe beans/tentacles involved in? and yes the discord is most active but we have many stories in the forum to read to read....and maaaaaany more to write!
  7. braenuun

    So hello

    Bienvienue a la fête! And Welcome to the madness! :3
  8. Henlo yes pls do enjoy the madness that you are welcomed to! i would invite to some role plays but I barely have enough time to remember to put my ootr pants on!
  9. braenuun


    yes and welcome to the madness :3
  10. Henlo and welcome to the madness! :3
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