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  1. You couldn’t put me first.
    Perhaps more accurate to say you wouldn’t.
    And, really…how much is that to ask?

    I’m tired and lonely, and I’m hurt. 
    But to stop my half of things? I wouldn’t.
    I’d never falter in my task.

    But of being nice and being kind,
    My energy is quickly dwindling to nothing.
    so I am left with anger.

    I don’t wish to be angry.
    But nothing else has worked to change things.
    but it seems I’m in danger.

    The anger is an agent,
    designed to bring about changes here.
    but it’s a fine line.

    Is it helpful or hurtful?
    and it’s the later of those I fear
    will happen this time.

    I don’t want resent;
    I don’t want viciousness to grow.
    I want harmony.

    I just want peace.
    I want to feel and I want to know
    that you love me.


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