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  1. braenuun

    Hello, an doge

    Henlo yes pls do enjoy the madness that you are welcomed to! i would invite to some role plays but I barely have enough time to remember to put my ootr pants on!
  2. braenuun


    yes and welcome to the madness :3
  3. braenuun

    Gutan Tag Freund

    Henlo and welcome to the madness! :3
  4. braenuun

    Sandbox/simulation games

    I’m currently playing planet coaster
  5. braenuun


    Okay but all the squids and feesh are for me.
  6. braenuun


    Now I just have to get wife on here
  7. braenuun


    *screams from inside your beards*
  8. braenuun

    Mow ^^

    youre welcome! im looking to get back into roleplaying. i just have to stay consistent. I will see you around!
  9. braenuun

    Mow ^^

    *scurries about!* henlo and welcome to the MADNESS :3
  10. braenuun

    Last person to post wins.

    Toe beans, baby?
  11. braenuun

    Last person to post wins.

    no me >:3
  12. braenuun


    Hello and welcome to the madness!!
  13. braenuun

    Pieces of us

    I wear my wedding ring .... i dont havr a scapular tho
  14. braenuun

    Greetings everyone I'm new to the community

    An old friend of mine suggested this to me when I told her how I felt awkward talking to people: you just gotta be you. You’ll figure out your groove and who you work well with. So go out there and be silly.
  15. braenuun

    Greetings everyone I'm new to the community

    Hello and welcome to the madness!
  16. herpy nerfdee.  I apparently wasn't following you xD

    1. Razi


      Thanks ottoro!

  17. braenuun

    I guess I'll introduce myself.

    HENLO AND WELCOME to the [ n e r d y ] MADNESS Do enjoy your stay. Fraiche towels are available upon request!
  18. I believe it’s your turn in or roleplays. 

    1. Bysector


      Oh is it! Oops sorry it didn't alert me

    2. Bysector


      I think it's your turn? Mine shows I'm the last to post :-S

  19. erggggg I still don't remember where I put that last page of the comic!

    I will maybe be continuing here as I finish up stuff with work.

  20. braenuun

    How often have you changed your fursona?

    one point 5 times. I did a chara redesign after 3 years or something and then I completely switched like in march.
  21. Also flerpy nerfday!

    1. Bysector
    2. Red


      I wished him a happy birthday BEFORE it was cool!

    3. braenuun
  22. may try to get back into roleplaying this weekend. 


  23. braenuun

    AIM is back!

    no one ever uses my name. if they do....
  24. going live in like 10 min, no voice but music!