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  1. TieDyeDragon

    What are you listening to right now?! :D

    Yule logs ❤️
  2. TieDyeDragon

    I need help *serious sh17*

    Phew shit I dunno what to say except hang in there people shun what they don't understand things can.still get better
  3. Hi

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    2. Bysector


      Whats happened?

    3. TieDyeDragon


      A friend I live close to found some time which wewere gonna be able to hang out but he canncled third time in a row

    4. Bysector


      Oh, that's not fun I know love :-(

      Hugs you and rubs your back 

  4. TieDyeDragon

    A final farewell

    Im sorry that bring in such an accepting group bings in some really asswipes too I wish you luck and hope you find what you are looking for and find happiness
  5. TieDyeDragon

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    Granted but horrible racist wars would break out between species I wish that I knew what to do
  6. TieDyeDragon

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    I wish for...... A lemon flavored candy
  7. TieDyeDragon

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    Granted but the movies are downright awful
  8. TieDyeDragon

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    Granted its broken I wish I had a furrsuit
  9. And another year goes by

    1. Samurai Kai
    2. braenuun
















    3. TieDyeDragon
  10. I thought you were a new person because of your profile photo chqnge

  11. merry christmas :D

    1. TieDyeDragon


      Merry Christmas to you too