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Cloud Silva

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Cloud Silva last won the day on December 2 2018

Cloud Silva had the most liked content!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I couldn't post yesterday for some reason but it's ok because it was also Red Day!

  2. Noticed that your birthday is today, so I thought I'd drop a friendly little Happy Birthday to you~!

  3. Hey cloud 😄

    Nice profile picture 😄

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Bysector


      Alrightish, slot of university work 😛


      Heehee, aye it has been a long time 😄

    3. Cloud Silva

      Cloud Silva

      Oof. University is a lot of work I hear. Will you be joining me in my roleplay this time?

    4. Bysector


      Yeah it is rough 😛

      Working on a project at the moment, worth 30% of the ecology unit mark. We went to this rural place and after being taught tons of fieldwork skills, litterly had two days to plan and 1 hour 30 mins to gather data. It was.... really bad 😛

      Right now we don't have enough data for it to be used in many graphs or tables 😞


      I might join yeah hehe 😄

  4. Looking through my recent topics brought on so much nostalgia @[email protected] It's only been three years!!!

  5. Three and a half years of having an account here, and one and a half of those was spent offline. I think I should ACTUALLY return this time @[email protected] (Last time I said this, the next day life went to hell)

    1. braenuun


      (screms isoterically) 

  6. Follow up: C'est agreable de voir des visages familiers


    ((Forgive me if my French isn't perfect, I'm learning it again. Translation is "It's nice to see familiar faces"))

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cloud Silva

      Cloud Silva

      I do know this, it's just fun to speak it XD

    3. braenuun


      oui, c'est tres fun to spek it and pretend i am le french in monty python

    4. Cloud Silva
  7. Tiens tiens...Pres de trois ans.. Despite my inactivity, it's nice to see how the site changed from then to now. Maybe I'll even start being active again

  8. I think I've got my paypal in working order, so I think it's time I actually get myself my first ever commission. Is anyone open? ^^;

    1. Red


      If you don't mind waiting in a queue.

  9. It's insane to think I've been here for nearly two years. While I've only ever made good friends with only about three people here, it's still interesting to know I've been here since grade 10. Now, I'm closing that chapter of my life, finally moving onto bigger things. I'm going to college, hopefully meeting a few of my internet friends, getting a job, hopefully getting ambition again. So...here we go...

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Pandah Nightmare

      Pandah Nightmare

      I try to be fairly nice, I'm always around and if I'm not. I'm in Discord and Skype x3

    3. Cloud Silva

      Cloud Silva

      I'm on discord a lot, my user is AchiVail#9932

    4. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      *realizes I've been here longer* WOAH WTF WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???

  10. @Bysector lets continue this non-sensicalness here!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. braenuun


      well the topic was being a dork, which changed to being made of cork, which changed to being a quark, then we went on with quark jokes (Strange/up/down/top/bottom/something else) but we ran out of those and were talking about mesons or tachyons, then I couldn't come up with other baryonic jokes and went non-baryonic.  but those don't interact with matter we interact with (baryonic), so it's a topic we can't touch.

    3. Bysector








      I should really keep 'up' to date on these.




      What about waves

      I'm finding it hard to think of anything. It what just be the 'anti'thesis of funny 

    4. Cloud Silva

      Cloud Silva


  11. *Gets bored with some games I have, decides to play Warframe again. Loses the next two weeks of his life*

    I swear this game is so much fun...Trinity is so satisfying to use :D

    1. braenuun


      that's the way it goes


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