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Mel the Blind Folf

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Mel the Blind Folf last won the day on September 29 2016

Mel the Blind Folf had the most liked content!

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    Always ready to broaden my knowledge banks!
  • Birthday 02/13/1997

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    Folf (Iris Blue Fox/Gray Wolf)
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    Mated, Closed
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    Binghamton, NY, USA

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  1. Happy Birthday, wherever you are!

  2. You're not here but that's still no reason to not wish you a Happy Birthday!~ :dance:

  3. Time for a new beginning. Thank you everyone, it's been a great ride.


    Those who want to keep chatting, you know where to find me. <3

  4. Probably another waffle sandwich for breakfast tomorrow xD
  5. Oh crap! XD that would've made it so much easier...my bad! Mmmm, I wonder just how much more likely they'll be now~
  6. May the best be with you all as we embark on 2017 together. I love you all~

  7. Eeeeeeeeep! **falls into it as you get some of the waffles back**
  8. **noms ALL the waffles!** Hehe you'll never stop me!
  9. Waffles by hand, now that sounds tedious! But totally worth it ^^
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