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  1. *protects himself with swiffer duster armor*
  2. *army of dust bunnies attack* "RECLAIM THE HOME LAND!"
  3. Yeah, I'm hoping to be able to go this year!
  4. It Just Started Snowing here On My Way Home
  5. Ah yeah, so far It looks like We're Supposed To Get Down To -7 To -12 . Though They Said Today Was supposed to be around 4 and it's currently -5
  6. That makes sense, I thought about getting one for my car but most the time it isn't cold enough here I don't think. Plus my cat requires full synthetic, which doesn't get affected by temperature nearly as much. My last car had an issue where the anti freeze froze, that was a nerve racking 5 minutes as the engine warmed up. It kept screaming at me to shut it off because there was no coolant. Once it got warm enough to melt the pipe then it was fine
  7. Pretty sure Silver likes a bit of draining too :P
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