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Vivus last won the day on January 14 2016

Vivus had the most liked content!

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    ask if you want it

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    snow leopard or husky/dingo
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  1. I am a snowmew we are quiet cats
  2. well then... hardcore it's all too loud for me that mess fire you can at least get out of hand before it gets loud
  3. I'm more into incendiaries but is it shameful to be out bombcated by another bombcat?
  4. you're calling me worse? honestly I know little of this cat but I think she has more explosives than I do
  5. embrace the chaos pupper it's for your own good
  6. can we go visit nyarlathotep?
  7. your bloods made of it isn't it chi?
  8. yeah I had them rigged to go off on landing you're going to have to ask aero
  9. either that or tadhg's going to explode when he moves
  10. so I *DID* take the explosives out of those perche at some point
  11. granted it's tasty but not great and you have to pay exorbitant prices for it I wish I had a shorter commute to work
  12. it still seems unlikely what's new silver?
  13. it's somewhat worth wondering chi if the removal of silver's posts formed a new record
  14. there's been a few but there aren't many around
  15. I tend to get a fair bit of that but the downside is that I get long stretches with no one around
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