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  1. Draw Everyday!

    Hopefully this thread hasn't died quite yet. I has more stuff to show >:D
  2. Draw Everyday!

    I like the sickle and the eclipse...that is a sickle right? Just more decorative than your standard one?
  3. Draw Everyday!

    Here's another one for everyone in the thread...assuming it's still alive. New logo for a book I am working on;
  4. Hey I'm new here and I'm a digital artist! ^^

    ooh :3. Nice to see another digital artist. I know I'm late to the party but welcome to the Refuge and good to see a new face ^_^. ~Cain
  5. Share a few lyrics~

    This is not your typical song you hear over the radio. It's actually from an ex comedian named Jo Burnham. Recently found him whilst I was surfing the web and I really enjoy his stuff. Dark humor like this included ^_^. Look at them, they're just staring at me Like come and watch the skinny kid With a steadily declining mental health And laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself Think that I can handle this right- I don't think that I can handle this right- But they don't even know the half of this right- But they don't even know the half of it But I know I'm not a doctor I'm a pussy I put on a silly show I should probably just shut up and do my job So here I go And this is definitely how I feel a good portion of the time, so I can certainly relate. Jo Burnham-Can't Handle This
  6. Looking for.. all of the above.

    This should be good >;3... ~Cain
  7. Happy Birthday Naomi ^_^

    1. Naomi


      Thank you, Darking of the Anons!

  8. Draw Everyday!

    Thank you . I've been sitting on the second one for a little bit so...looks like I have to get back on it ;3. If you want an entertaining story to go with it, I posted with said story here;
  9. Draw Everyday!

    Here's the rest of the stuff I promised X3;
  10. Draw Everyday!

    Thank you for the suggestion. I'll take it into consideration. Always looking to improve ;3. I think Alec (The darker one) turned out a little too blue though. Either my eyes are just that bad or the program I use doesn't accurately portray how light a color is going to be... That aside, I do appreciate the feedback so thank you
  11. Draw Everyday!

    I forgot I was a part of this X3. I've got a few things you guys may like. Sadly I only have one of 'em on my flash drive right now.
  12. Super crazy fast art time with Ryo

    Nope...still can't see it on my end. the .png seems to be missing it's g...maybe that's why? Oh wait...nvm ^_^. I gots it now.
  13. A sticky situation

    Copy that. Burning it down and sent you the PM.
  14. A sticky situation

    You can't? Well fuck. suggestions or should I ask the mods to kill the thread and try and start a new one?