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  1. Here's another one for everyone in the thread...assuming it's still alive. New logo for a book I am working on;
  2. ooh :3. Nice to see another digital artist. I know I'm late to the party but welcome to the Refuge and good to see a new face ^_^. ~Cain
  3. This is not your typical song you hear over the radio. It's actually from an ex comedian named Jo Burnham. Recently found him whilst I was surfing the web and I really enjoy his stuff. Dark humor like this included ^_^. Look at them, they're just staring at me Like come and watch the skinny kid With a steadily declining mental health And laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself Think that I can handle this right- I don't think that I can handle this right- But they don't even know the half of this right- But they don't even know the half of it But I know I'm not a doctor I'm a pussy I put on a silly show I should probably just shut up and do my job So here I go And this is definitely how I feel a good portion of the time, so I can certainly relate. Jo Burnham-Can't Handle This
  4. This should be good >;3... ~Cain
  5. Happy Birthday Naomi ^_^

    1. Naomi


      Thank you, Darking of the Anons!

  6. Thank you . I've been sitting on the second one for a little bit so...looks like I have to get back on it ;3. If you want an entertaining story to go with it, I posted with said story here;
  7. Here's the rest of the stuff I promised X3;
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll take it into consideration. Always looking to improve ;3. I think Alec (The darker one) turned out a little too blue though. Either my eyes are just that bad or the program I use doesn't accurately portray how light a color is going to be... That aside, I do appreciate the feedback so thank you
  9. I forgot I was a part of this X3. I've got a few things you guys may like. Sadly I only have one of 'em on my flash drive right now.
  10. Nope...still can't see it on my end. the .png seems to be missing it's g...maybe that's why? Oh wait...nvm ^_^. I gots it now.
  11. Copy that. Burning it down and sent you the PM.
  12. You can't? Well fuck. suggestions or should I ask the mods to kill the thread and try and start a new one?
  13. Easy there. Don't hurt yourself X3.
  14. That's the link and I think this could be a good brainstorming thread. First of all I need a title...secondly, need to figure out a name for the organization Cain works for...third, you're going to need Fenris' specifications X3. Probably a lot of other stuff I'm missing, but that's what comes up right now. Anywho...Fenris; Name: FN-2487 Codename: Fenris (G3 Mobile Frame) Height: 20ft. Chassis: Medium Assault Primary Weapon: Chaingun w/ Accelerator, Arc Rounds Secondary: Broadsword Ordnance: Missile Racks Core Ability: Damage Core Tactical Ability: Vortex Shield PILOT Name: Cain Aegis Linked to: FN-2487 (Fenris) Age: 25 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 132 lbs. Species: Wolf Anthro Primary Weapon: Carbine Rifle Secondary: .44 Magnum Tactical Ability: Cloak Personality: Quick learner and Adapter, Improviser, Introvert, stupidly reckless at times. Will do whatever it takes to get a mission done. Backstory: Prior to joining <REDACTED>, Pilot Aegis was a normal civilian stumbling through life without much sense of purpose. He had been lied to and betrayed by most people he knew, was unable to hold a steady job and had almost been kicked out on the streets on several occasions. Depsite all this, he managed to hold himself together and keep surviving...his biggest supports in his life being his mom and mentor. Alas, on an unfortunate day, his city fell under attack. Whilst <REDACTED> saved as many lives as they could, Cain's family and mentor were not among them. After a particularly devastating battle, a stranded T1 pilot found him huddled in the ruins of a building and attempted to get him to safety. The following week would be a turning point for him as he and the pilot fought their way to a nearby colony. The pilot noted his potential and forwarded a recommendation to base that he be recruited as a marine under his command if they actually made it out. Unfortunately, the pilot took a mortal blow and his frame brought to the verge of destruction when they were ambushed. With little option left, the pilot handed Cain his helmet, transferred authorization to his frame and held off the enemy for the remainder of his time whilst Cain escaped. The enemy wasn't done fighting and ultimately the frame was destroyed...but not before it managed to throw Cain out of the fray and give him a chance to get to the colony. <REDACTED> picked him up and brought him in for questioning. After a particularly long discussion, they resolved to give him a chance at earning his pilot certification and earn it he did. He was given a Mobile Frame; FN-2847...which he nicknamed Fenris and since then, he's been quickly climbing his way up the chain. Fenris and himself still have a long way to go...but ultimately, their partnership is growing stronger and they are quickly becoming an effective team. I think that's a pretty good summary for him.