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  1. Happy Birthday Naomi ^_^

    1. Naomi


      Thank you, Darking of the Anons!

  2. Holy shit...you're back. Long time no hear from guy ;3.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. braenuun


      WE MUST MAKE THEM HAPPEN though imust acclaamate in a decent manner or I'll overwhelm mysefl.

    3. Anon_Darking


      Hehehehehe. Well, there might be a couple of characters that are exactly what you're looking for :P. But I agree...you should get acclimated first and I need to find my creative spark again. I've been using quite a bit of it up recently...and I'm still not done with my latest endeavor.

    4. braenuun


      I'm getting back into it easily.  the hardest part is making sure i have time without doing too much.  and balancing this with skyrim.

  3. Well...I suppose I'll hop on the bandwagon. Here I am looking too much like a woman X3;
  4. Found my new theme song :3.

    1. Vivus


      what is it?
    2. Anon_Darking


      Wayward Son by Kansas. I think it relates to a particular character very well for the most part.
  5. Pocket Edition right? Because if that's the case, I have no idea. I'm entirely unfamiliar with that version as I play the PC version myself. I could potentially help with the piston dependent upon the crafting system the Pocket Edition version uses...but there's also the issue of whether that version of the game has pistons. As for servers, I'm once again unsure...I think I may have seen a couple of players on servers who were using their cellphones or pads but I haven't been on a server in the longest time. But hell, if you need general survival tips, I'd be happy to help with that ^_^ ~Anon
  6. This is me... A lone figure stands in the middle of a grid reminiscent of tron...a phantom wind stirs his coat...his arms are spread as if welcoming whatever may come openly. The real me... Sunglasses adorn the figure's head, reflecting what little light there is. No longer bound by the weakness we call morals...I refuse to be held back. The grid around him begins to glow, the sound of hydraulics and a rush of warm air fills the otherwise stark chamber as it disentegrates around him. He's static...calm...indifferent even as he is engulfed by a sandstorm and his hearing is filled with that of the roaring sands of the wasteland...on the other side of the map is his opponent...big, muscular, covered in the scars of past battles. I no longer have to worry about fear... He looks for anything he can find to give him an advantage over his rival...a vantage point or cover. His footfalls go unheard in the violent storm...his scarf whips around his hooded face...the sand scratches his goggles and all he can hear is the sound of his own breathing. As he makes his way up a dune of sand, he recalls an earlier conversation... “That's who I'm going up against?” he had asked looking over at a new player who seemed to be studying the screen of previous matches intently. “Don't underestimate him Ivan...I don't know what it is...but there's something about him that I don't like.” “Other than the terrible sense of apparel right?” “Right...look...just...be careful out there.” “Relax...I'll be fine. He's a noob...should be easy.” “Should is a relative term.” “I'll be fine. All I need is a good shot and he's down.” “Fine. But remember...there have been players who have been killed because they were too cocky.” The scene fades as he makes it to the top and looks at the wasteland below. He can barely make out sillhouettes of objects. Behind him he hears the sound of scraping metal and spins around firing his gun. He hears nothing but his beating heart, rushing blood and heightened breathing. Calm down Ivan...you'll be fine... He steadies his breathing and kneels as a shadowy figure appears within the storm. Red lights ignite themselves with a crack and hum as the figure dashes forward and gunshots are heard. For once in my life, I truly feel alive. This is who I am...the personification of all my anger, ambition and vengenace...I...am Shade. As a hand hits the sand, footsteps disappear into the storm.
  7. I like the pixel art. That takes some talent :-). ~Anon
  8. More or less...hence why I may seem a bit difficult to work with because I'm used to working alone. My friend Kobe did do the coloring though X3. If you'd like an example of my work, here's a link; -http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18630898/ I'm proud of it personally because it's a vast improvement from where I used to be, however...work still needs to be done...perspective is my nightmare...as are hands and feet. I try and simplify things a bit to make it take a little less longer...however that usually works against me X3. ~Anon
  9. I did the art, the story, the character development, the concept art, etc.
  10. Oh goody, that'd make a great comic. I'm working on a story about that one myself...won't go into details, but it's along the same lines of what you're speaking of. ~Anon
  11. Well...currently I am working on a non-furry comic...it's an old one that I'm trying to revive that my friends and I worked on throughout Freshman and Sophomore year at high school...and that I then lost DX. Unfortunately, the best help my friends are able to give is to just put ideas out there...I'm pretty much the sole publisher, so I'd be grateful for the help. The other option is that we could do a different one (I would prefer furry because I need the practice) and work together on that one...the only things I won't do is NSFW (by which I mean essentially making a porno)...but I don't mind blood, gore, dark themes, brutal murder (a lot of my characters like to tear peoples' limbs off and then beat them with them)...etc. If you have Skype, I could add you and we can talk further there. Please be advised though that I'm very detail oriented and may be a little hard to work with, my apologies ahead of time. ~Anon
  12. Hmm...I see and no I don't mind. Feet are fine. Any particular type you have in mind? And what's the color palette you have in mind (If you don't want color, that's fine, just thought I'd ask in the event that you do). I will await your response. ~Anon
  13. Well...I could use the practice. Lord knows that if I do want to do future commissions, I'm gonna need it. What did you have in mind? ~Anon
  14. Welcome to the family. Hope you enjoy your stay here. ~Anon
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