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jeff larthea

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jeff larthea last won the day on January 29 2016

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  1. *walks up to the shrine and gets on his knees and bows 7 times before leaving flowers and a food offering and lights incense and says a prayer*

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. BezeFox


      I can do that young one. here take this charm and thank you for your donation. 

    3. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      *comes into the yard like a nosy fox* 

    4. jeff larthea

      jeff larthea

      -me smiles and says- thank you -he says one more prayer before he leaves

  2. ill be your rp partner

  3. -prays at the shrine, makes an offering, takes care of the plants and then leaves shortly after-

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. BezeFox


      I am happy to hear and make sure to return yourself. I like to hear more interesting things from you.

    3. jeff larthea

      jeff larthea

      -bows and says- kindness is honey to those who hunger for it as is kind words i will bring your kind words to those who hunger for them

    4. BezeFox


      * return a bow* and like a calm and gentle lake I await to see your small pebble form large ripples of good fortune and happiness.

  4. *Therapy birb follows you in the shadows*

  5. " Alea Iacta est ergo, Carpe Diem!”   "the die is cast therefore, sieze the day!"

  6. -boop- >:) -boop- >:) -boop- >:) -boop- >:) -boop- >:) -boop- >:)


    ...and the road becomes my bride
    I have stripped of all but pride
    So in her I do confide
    And she keeps me satisfied
    Gives me all I need

    ...and with dust in throat I crave
    Only knowledge will I save
    To the game you stay a slave

    Rover, wanderer
    Nomad, vagabond
    Call me what you will

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