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  1. Happy Birthday my favourite friend! I hope you have a good one. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Things are getting serious.

    Oh my goodness, that does sound very, erm, nerve wracking as well as... exciting? Awh Pingu, I’m crossing my fingers (and flippers!) for you. I really hope the surgery goes well. ❤️
  3. And I, started from the, bottom
    Like a, snowman, ground up
    Like round chuck, and still put hands on you
    Staying wound up is how I spend time
    Sucker free, confidence high
    Such a breeze when I pin rhymes
    I just got the air about me
    Like wind chimes (yeah)
    Another day in the life (uh)
    Used to have to scrape to get by (yeah)
    Now my community is gated
    And I made it, and my neighbors say hi (say hi)
    I'm giving them pounds, I'm upscale now
    Guess it means I'm way in the sky
    But I still remember the days of, minimal wage for
    General labor, welfare recipients is a minor
    Look at how government assistance has made ya
    Adversity, if at first if you don't succeed
    Put your temper to more use 'cause being broke is a poor excuse
    That shit only gives you more fuel
    Show them why you're you
    So close, God, it's like I almost got it
    But close only counts in timebombs and horseshoes
    So I uni-bomb shit (tick, tick, tick)
    No remorse
    Screw it, I'm lit, and that attitude I blew up on quick
    That's why they call me firecracker
    I grew up on wick (wick, wick, wick) with a short fuse
    I got some important news to report to
    Anyone who thought I was done, nah, bitch, not quite
    Spotlight's back on, got my faith, where's yours?

    Do you still believe
    In me?
    Didn't I get everything I had to give you to make you see?
    I'll never forget if you turn your back on me
    Now and walk out I will never let you live it down
    (I'll never quit) Do you still believe?
    In me?

  4. Buck is my absolute favourite character in Ice Age. In the latest movie, he was the ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT IT. I also loved his little performance. 

    1. IT.


      God, haven't watched that in years...Last movie I saw was IT.

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      The first three were my most favourite. 

  5. Oh gosh, hi!

    Welcome friend!
  6. Can’t believe how much detail I can retain from my own dreams at times.

  7. My aunt has been in the hospital since the 31st fighting for her life. It worried me so badly I was never gonna hear from her again and was willing to fly out to see her... but it turns out, miraculously, and my god did I pray, my aunt is getting better. I cried so much last night because when I didn’t hear news for a while, I assumed someone wasn’t ready to say the difficult words. I was hurting so bad, grieving.... thinking I’d never hear her voice again. When she’s better enough to be discharged from the hospital I’m gonna call her and tell her how much I love her and how I was so worried. Geez... I don’t wanna deal with tragedy again in less than a year...

  8. Haha. I had this idea in mind. Character stuff! Well y’know, obviously there was a time before Kai got all tough and whatnot. I’d say badass, but she’s more modest than that. I wonder how it would look to see her in her younger years, pre training and training as Samurai, usually messing up and trying to be the person she is today. Hahaha would be amusing for sure! Little tiny Kai trying to keep up with the big dogs! 

    1. IT.


      Ah, I've wanted to do the same with my character! It's always fun to do that, though my character would just be a sad sack of crap X3

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Haha it’s nice to think about! Add a bit of background to a character and stuff! 

  9. Obviously the only appropriate way to communicate with me.



    1. Red


      Finally! Clarity!

    2. IT.


      Well then, How would a Floridian converse with a Canadian then? 

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You have to send one of ‘em as a messenger. The message may be delayed up to about a week though!

  10. Almost considered giving up my dream in the infantry because I was at a low point in life and doubting myself, but the fact I held on still. Without completely giving up. I’m starting to get stronger mentally. Never give up on your dreams! 🔥💪

  11. New wolf in town

    Glad to have you with us, friend!
  12. Xbox One peeps!

    If anyone has an Xbox One or even a 360 and wants to play some games, feel free to comment your GT’s below! I also have a mic. Look forward to playing!
  13. IRL Photos n' Shit

  14. Distancing myself from people, I guess.

  15. Hey Kai, I'm back.

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I see that. Welcome back.

    2. Celeste
    3. Samurai Kai