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Samurai Kai

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    1. Red


      IDK? Can he?

  2. Happy Birthday! :dance: 

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      THANK YOU. It will be glorious!

  3. My friend's boyfriend and his mom are picking on my dear friend, yelling at her, and making her cry. I got on call and talked with her, telling her that her feelings are valid and they're stupid for pulling all this shit. They think she doesn't know any better about anything, undermines her and makes her feel like because his PTSD is "worse" than hers makes her an immature child for struggling with mental health, especially for having a support dog and described her dog as a "crutch". Would you say that to a veteran, being one yourself?! Every time she tries to bring up her feelings he's like "you can either leave or do as I say" and being a total fucking jackass. I literally want to throw this "man" into a wall. I have been in a very similar situation with a family just like his. Fuck anyone who makes people feel like they're the ones who need growing up to do, when they can't even self reflect and think "maybe I'M being the insensitive asshole". Fuck. I'm encouraging her to get the hell out of there.

  4. I'm so sorry but I need to take a step back from places I use to frequent... they just bring back painful memories and I feel like I don't matter, I just need to be alone... whether I rise or fall it doesn't matter. I just need to be away.... 

    1. Red


      Don't leave us, Kai! T_T

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You'll know where to find me. It's just what I do.

  5. Feel free to follow my Twitter account. 🙂


    1. Red


      I wish I could but they banned my account.

    2. Samurai Kai
    3. Red


      They won't tell me. I think it's 'cause I made a PewDiePie joke. I'm not kidding, btw.

  6. Seeing young lovers reminds me of how blind I was to the heartache I would later on feel. I remember how happy I was back then, but I also remember the pain. It is a bittersweet feeling. I am growing, and yet there is that lingering pain. Growth... it is beautiful... it is a journey... but never easy...

    1. Red


      We love you, Kai!

  7. Looking back the past three years... things have changed... they have changed in a way I never would've expected. My worst fears became my reality. I fell for an old friend unexpectedly, after reuniting with them. I loved them harder than anyone I've ever been with. I wish I could fix things. I really tried, but they didn't want to anymore. It tore me UP, and I'm slowly moving on... even though I didn't want to. I put myself through so much emotional turmoil. I put myself through literal hell for them, and would be more than willing to go through any obstacle, though emotionally difficult, if it meant they were by my side... except, they didn't want to keep trying anymore. I get it. Not everyone has that level of determination. If only I had that level of determination towards myself... but I can't take back how he made me feel. Everything... I loved him so much, and I still do... and I wish him well.

    I'm sorry Riley. I'm sorry for everything.

  8. If you couldn't handle me at my lowest, then you certainly don't deserve me at my best. Enough said.

    1. Red


      Life lessons. U_U

  9. There are a few things I am beginning to understand and accept in life. One of those things is that people move on. “Friends” forget you and move on with their lives, and end up replacing you. Bye bye, you don’t matter. The second thing is people may dislike you and there’s not much to be done about it. Some don’t want to listen and reconcile with you even if you want to make peace and others potentially happy. “That’s just life”, they say. Is it? Kind of, well... shitty. Ah well, I’ll learn in time maybe.

    Those are merely shards of an example as to why I choose my own company often times. 

    1. Red


      Welcome to my world.

  10. Most recent one of me! I like it.
  11. Things just aren't the same anymore... anywhere. I get things change, but I don't like it... 

    I wish things weren't THIS different... 

    Deep breaths, deep breaths...

    1. Red


      I hope things get better.

  12. The Samurai set herself up to perform in a little tavern nearby, with a small “orchestra” her little sister prepared her flute for the song, which was sung to the tune of Rattay Feasts from KCD.

    “Alright, well, it goes like this!” She coughs, clearing her throat.

    Once upon a time 
    I met a tiger general,
    For his armor ‘twas made of gold, 
    and his eyes shined like the emerald
    He was the most noble warrior
    These two eyes had seen! 
    Sometimes my mind wanders back 
    to what we could have been!

    Then the day arrived
    I had to leave the city!
    I could sense him from behind,
    He wanted to come with me!
    I told him with a heavy heart, “I must go alone.” 
    Once I left the city’s walls, 
    He stood there on his own.

    Does he ever dream at night?
    How I look in the moonlight, 
    Or us fighting side by side?
    Fighting evil day and night!

    I gotta, gotta get,
    I’m going back to Delgin! 
    There I will confront his King 
    To tell him that I love him!

    “A warrior of nobility, and strength he did possess
    If I cannot apologize, my heart will never rest!”

    There I, there I was,
    I was back in Delgin
    Accompanied by his King, 
    We went to the courtyard

    In a fever of excitement I kicked open the doors!
    It was then and there that I heard a mighty roar!

    Why you should have seen the look plastered on his face!

    Once I ran and tackled him, in a romantic embrace! 

    She would bow, the crowd laughing and cheering at this little love story. “Thank you, thank you!” 


    1. Red


      YEE! *throws panties on stage*

  13. Heartbreak feels too much sometimes, especially when feelings are still there. I cry and it still hurts the same. I have these dark thoughts. It’s hard to cope. You beg for mercy, but there isn’t any. No matter how exhausted you are inside.

    1. Red


      Hang in there, Kai! YOU CAN DO IT!

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I’m trying...

    3. Red


      Let these kittens warm your heart! 



  14. Think of me, think of me fondly 
    When we've said goodbye 
    Remember me, once in a while 
    Please promise me you'll try 
    When you find that once again you long 
    To take your heart back and be free 
    If you ever find a moment 
    Spare a thought for me 
    We never said our love was evergreen 
    Or as unchanging as the sea 
    But if you can still remember 
    Stop and think of me 
    Think of all the things 
    We've shared and seen 
    Don't think about the way 
    Things might have been 
    Think of me, think of me waking 
    Silent and resigned 
    Imagine me trying too hard 
    To put you from my mind 
    Recall those days 
    Look back on all those times 
    Think of the things we'll never do 
    There will never be a day 
    When I won't think of you 
  15. Life goes on? Then so too must I.
    I never wanted this. I loved you, Ri.


    1. Red


      Oh noes, sad thing happened!?

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Mhm... that they have. ;~;

    3. crash


      guess im not the only one having a bad time 


      how are u doing buddy

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