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  1. Been through hell but we made it work. I love you Riley. ❤️ 

  2. “The noble man stood. And the people looked to him. For he was a beacon — hope given form, yet still only a man. And within that truth there was great promise. If one man could stand against the night, then so too could anyone. So too could everyone. In his strong hand, the man held a rose. And his aura burned bright.”

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      *Bobs head*


    Soldiers: Si vis pacem para bellum:
    (If you want peace, prepare for war.)

    Dulce bellum inexpertis: 
    (War is sweet to those who haven’t experienced it)

    Casus belli...:
    (A cause of war...)

    ... DEUS VULT:
    ...(God wills it!)

    Inter arma:
    (In times of war...)

    ... silent leges:
    ...(the law falls silent) 


    (A war of all, against all!)

    Soldiers: Bellum omnium calculo est 
    (War is for the reckoning of all)

    Lus ad bello, lus ad belli 
    (A right to war, the right of war)

    Bella horrida:
    (Horrid war!)

    Non me constringis...: 
    (You cannot hold me back...)

    ... cupivisset
    (... even if you really wanted to) 

    Si vis pacem para bellum:
    (If you want peace, prepare for war) 


    *repeats until the enemy is dead*


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  4. It’s going to take a lot more than what people have been throwing at me to keep me down~

  5. I am the blood that boils in the heart of the beast, I’m a killing machine, with a hunger deep! I’ll scorch the earth with a mighty shriek, and a million full metal jacket teeth! You better believe it when the boot comes down, the blood I spill on the battleground, will soak the earth until the wicked drown, in the death I deal when the hate comes out!

  6. I use to want to forgive those that mistreated me. Bullied me. I wished that of other people, to start anew. If we could get along. A new change instead of feeling hatred for the way I was treated. Though some people never change, their stance towards me always stay the same. If I were to ask, “Why can’t we start again on better terms?”, I know nothing would change. I tried with one person before out of many. Conflict resolution they call it? It didn’t work, maybe because I didn’t know how to make it work. I tried to find ways to approach the situation, but part of me felt like I was... desperate. Is asking to be treated with respect and with open arms desperate? I know there’s people who don’t like me, and not many know this, but it has brought me down before. I didn’t want to be an enemy, I wanted to be a friend. At least something good. Sometimes friends become enemies and you lose them forever over something stupid. Or people have something against you over something small. If I ever acted “mean”, it was out of defence. It was because I wanted to give those people a taste of their own medicine, but I realize that only keeps the fire going. I gave up on that a long time ago... I gave up on asking, yet doing nothing is what will hurt. You can either choose to keep trying or walk away, like a relationship that struggles to keep itself. I stand up for myself without putting people down though. I try not to bring down anyone while doing it. I am stern but not cruel. Instead I show them I’m not one to be walked on. Not anymore. I know you can’t make people like you, and I know you can’t really call out people for treating you like an outcast. You can call them out on their unjust behaviour, but even if you do, you are just given a permanent cold shoulder. Nothing gets resolved. You either are on one’s side or you aren’t. This I have experienced a lot of, in the real world, and online. This is partially why I isolate myself... I’m grateful for those who consider me a worthy friend, those who can see the real me. I mean no harm. I never meant harm. If I have caused any, then I am truly sorry. Take it as a genuine apology. I just wanted peace. I just wanted somewhere to be accepted. This is why I feel I must leave at times. Nothing against anyone, but for my own well being. 

    Good day.

  7. It’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to still be a work in progress. 💙

  8. Thank you for the relationship experience. I wish you good luck and wellness in life. Hopefully we can find better opportunities and people for us. Goodbye.

  9. Got a letter in the mail
    ‘Say go to war or go to jail 
    Got a letter in the maaaail
    In the early morning rain
    Ask me what I wanna be 
    Said I wanna do PT
    Ask me what I wanna beee
    In the early morning rain
    Ask me where I could sign 
    Point it to the dotted line 
    Ask me where I could siiiiign
    In the early morning rain

    1. Red


      *sways with lighter*

    2. Delta_XIII


      C-130 rollin' down the strip

      Couple of soldiers gonna take a little trip


  10. Once upon another time
    Our story had only begun
    You chose to turn the page
    And I made choices too

    Once upon that other time
    We did what we thought must be done
    And now we have no choice
    We do what we must do

    We love, we live
    We give what we can give
    And take what little we deserve

    Once upon another time
    I knew how our story would end
    And maybe I was wrong
    But now the moment's gone

    Were it still that other time
    I'd make time itself somehow bend
    But now I'm not that strong
    And time keeps moving on

    We love, we live
    We give what we can give
    And take what little we deserve

    We love, we live
    We give what we can give
    And take what little we deserve

    Once upon another time

  11. Been listening to a lot of Disturbed’s music lately. It’s odd how I can sing their songs and yet do opera. 

    1. Red


      I thought you said you listening disturbing music and dreading emo Kai. I am now very relieved.

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      What?! Hahaha well I’m glad you’re relieved! XD

  12. When you think you can’t bare it, YOU CAN! You are stronger than you know! 

  13. Love Never Dies - The Beauty Underneath 💙

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      *sways with lighter*

  14. Warden and Orochi are my mains in For Honor. Trying to make my Warden look like a Grey Warden from Dragon Age and my Orochi, well. Like my fursona. What she would wear. :v 

  15. I hope anyone who’s going through a very hard time, just suffering in any way, will find healing and peace soon. I hope one day soon you’ll be able to feel genuine happiness and peace, to truly enjoy life again. I’m on the path of trying to find a way myself. Be stronger.

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      So nice. T_T

  16. I donated blood for the first time today and I was so damn happy not to have any reactions! I’ve been so happy all day. People complimented my makeup too! I look forward to being a regular donor~

    1. Red


      Is it wise to grant the power of your blood to mere mortals!?

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You mean the gift of life and second chances? Of course! With 450 ml of my blood, I was able to save three lives! Nothing is better than the gift of giving. 

    3. Red


      You are a Goddess of Life!

  17. I’ll be okay. In time, sure, maybe. 

  18. So I just got into For Honor on the Xbox One. I play as the Orochi, Samurai Assassin. Knight-Commander Dietrich was kind enough to give me a copy of the game. Really enjoy it and I am grateful for his generosity. Even though I have a lot of improving to do, I was able to win my first match against someone who is higher in skill than I! 

  19. Sister’s abusive ex got arrested an hour ago. Holy shit am I dreaming? Charged for three different reasons! 

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    2. Red


      For your sister's benefit, of course.

    3. braenuun


      its about fucking time.  Domestic violence, aggravated menacing, and obstructing officers?  False reporting?  Assault?  


    4. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      More like vandalism, trespassing and mischief. She’s been finding out more info as time goes on to prepare for said court date 

  20. Sometimes I’m not sure whether to stay or leave certain places. I just don’t feel happy anymore.

    1. Red


      Same, I just take it one day at a time.

  21. She is being pushed by a large group of Templars while her arms are tied behind her.

    “It’s you and your world and I’m caught in the middle...” referring to Assassin/Templar conflict. 

    “I caught the edge of the knife and it hurts just a little...” She explains in a sing song tone, how she tried to evade an attacker’s blade, but was mistaken for the attack. 

    “Yeah, and I know, and I know, and I know, and I know that I can't be your friend...” They glare and keep pushing.

    “It's my head or my heart and I'm caught in the middle..” She looks back for any sign of sympathy, but of course there weren’t any.

    “My hands are tied but not tight enough...” This happens kind of fast in this verse. She wiggles her arms in the restraints with a playful shimmy of the shoulders before turning around and freeing herself discreetly as she walked backwards.

    “You’re the high that I can't give up!” She refers to the thrill of being chased, giving them the finger gun with a wink. 

    “Oh Loooord, here we go!” Her eyes widen on ‘lord’, seeing as they draw their weapons and begins to run.

    “I might hate myself tomorrow but I’m on my way tonight!” She goes down a path that is purposely a dead end. 

    “At the bottom of the bottle, you're the poison in the wine!” She signals at the word ‘bottle’, assassins on the rooftops shooting at them with sleep darts on the word ‘poison, making it look like poison, their numbers declining. 

    “And I know I can’t change you, and I, I won’t change!” She says, gesturing to the one remaining and herself as she would finally come to a dead end with him closing in on her. Of course speaking about their difference in beliefs. 

    “I might hate myself tomorrow but I’m on my way tonight...” A smoke bomb is tossed behind them on the word ‘hate’, the two turning to see the smoke before it clears off, revealing the bodies to spell out “Lonely Together” 

    “Let’s be lonely together!” She exclaims with joy, walking up and leaning on the Templar’s shoulder, smirking. The man gives a look of terror, seeing his comrades and immediately takes off. “A little less lonely together...?” She watches him, her ears flattening.


    I got the idea while listening to this song! Maybe I’ll complete a whole scenario with the entire song one day? Just thought it would be a funny scene x3.

  22. Woo! I am officially part of next year’s VancouFur’s fundraising team! Hurray for volunteer work!

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  23. I can’t get enough of this Assassin’s Creed 2 soundtrack. It makes me want to dance and puts me into a cheerful mood! 


  24. Finally going to be trying out some different martial arts and see which I prefer and learn quickest in. Gonna make a fighter outta me yet!

    1. Red


      You go, gurl!~

  25. “Kiss me! I kiss other girls but ya don’t have to know that/Kiss me! The last girl I did loved it.”

    Kai: ..... *SMMMMMMMACK SLAP* 

    BOY YOU FOOLS MUST BE READY TO DIIIIE OR SOMETHIN’, WHY YOU TRYYYY’IN me? Let’s get something straight before I kick your ass! Look who behind me, they’re the ones they ready they been in this shit, got entire records for fuckboys and shit, boy don’t get me started we’ll fuck up your party y’all homies are regretting this shit! YEE!

    Guy: That shit ain’t fair!

    Kai: Not my problem, I don’t care! Not my circus, not my monkeys! I’ll kill all you primitives here! 

    You a student, and I’m a PROBLEM! Ain’t gonna be a saviour, better write on paper, “I’m sorry for disrespecting you, miss.” And no, that still won’t get you a kiss!

    It’s not my fault I ain’t do nu’in, I’ll turn all your lovin’ to no’in, and I don’t care if you fear us, ‘cause only warriors near us! It’s not my fault I ain’t do no’in I’ll turn all your lovin’ to no’in, I don’t care if you fear us, but all the fools are gonna hear us! 

    I just be trying to stay out the way, and easy going, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of creeps, it’s gettin’ annoying. I don’t know why they be playin’ with me, it’s time to show ‘em. Just let me and stay out the line of fire, while I destroy ‘em!