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Samurai Kai

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  1. Looking back the past three years... things have changed... they have changed in a way I never would've expected. My worst fears became my reality. I fell for an old friend unexpectedly, after reuniting with them. I loved them harder than anyone I've ever been with. I wish I could fix things. I really tried, but they didn't want to anymore. It tore me UP, and I'm slowly moving on... even though I didn't want to. I put myself through so much emotional turmoil. I put myself through literal hell for them, and would be more than willing to go through any obstacle, though emotionally difficult, if it meant they were by my side... except, they didn't want to keep trying anymore. I get it. Not everyone has that level of determination. If only I had that level of determination towards myself... but I can't take back how he made me feel. Everything... I loved him so much, and I still do... and I wish him well.

    I'm sorry Riley. I'm sorry for everything.

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