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Kai Zane

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Everything posted by Kai Zane

  1. Goooooood morning everyone!

  2. Howdy y'all! How is everyone doing today? :3

  3. Goodnight everyone! It was great catching up with some of you! I definitely need to catch up with more of you tomorrow.

  4. How is everyone? I haven't been here in ages.

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    2. Red


      Doctor says I need to relax, or else. So I'm working on relaxing.

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Good! Awesome to see you around again.

    4. Kai Zane

      Kai Zane

      it's good to be back. I need to start talking with all my old friends again

  5. o.o I forgot this place existed. How has everyone been?

    1. Red



    2. braenuun


      Stuffed with clams and oysters!

  6. Thank you for your service, Imhara. I grew up a child of the US Army. My father is a Veteran of the Vietnam War, and I am thankful for him, for you, and for all others who served, now and past. I'm no member of the military, but part of my work is in engineering tools that will help keep you and all our other fighters safe from harm so you can come home.   Again, thank you for your service, Imhara. It won't be dishonored, forgotten, or unnoticed.   Happy Veteran's Day, everyone.
  7. Howdy there Cahuella! I'm Kai! Welcome to The Refuge :3 I take it you're in college for something chem related?
  8. Kai Zane

    Rawr .w.

    Howdy Risuna! It's good to see another college fur! Welcome to The Refuge :)
  9. The great thing about online lectures: class is at home in my bed. The bad thing about online lectures: I have class even when normal classes are cancelled. 5 more hours of lectures.

    1. Kobalt


      *hangs out with the wuffy while he learns things* :P
    2. Amaroq


      I tried to take an online college once. The bad thing about online learning: The rest of the internet is at your fingertips...
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