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  1. I will resume A Centaur Tale and Rose Vampire: Second Rose today and apologize for the delay. 


  2. Greetings children of noble birth. I have continued the story A Centaur Tale if you like the story so far please tell me your thoughts below in the comment section. If you wish to join or read more stories like this one? Please also comment down below and remember to always let your endeavors be rich ones. 

  3. I see my presence is wanted more than I believed.
  4. Depends child. Do you plan to have others know of our experience?
  5. Hmm, we will see but first, let us finish my tale child of birth. In case it is your turn to answer. Also for that date, I will let you decide when to visit my shrine.
  6. This is surprising no one has really seen such an old soul as such but two young and brave children.
  7. Hmm, lets see a nice stroll around the shrine will suffice. Can we also see the festival the mortals below have created for the deities on this island?
  8. Was I chosen?
  9. *giggle* like always you are quite amusing child of birth.
  10. I will adore braenuun if that was the terms.
  11. Greetings children of birth both young and wise one and all. I Bethina Bezebell Fox will like to apologize for my prolong lack of response on certain stories, Rp's, and tales I like to share with you all. Reason being I have been really sick and needed to have surgery and recover. I will now like to inform everyone I have return so all tales and stories will resume on 11/16/2017 So I hope you are all looking forward to it. Once again I apologise and may your endeavours show riches to your every desire.

  12. *looks at you with dreamy eyes and sighs happily* Beze.. <3

  13. *walks up to the shrine and gets on his knees and bows 7 times before leaving flowers and a food offering and lights incense and says a prayer*

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    2. BezeFox


      I can do that young one. here take this charm and thank you for your donation. 

    3. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      *comes into the yard like a nosy fox* 

    4. jeff larthea

      jeff larthea

      -me smiles and says- thank you -he says one more prayer before he leaves

  14. -brings you a flower and smiles- hii

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    2. braenuun


      We do get in to trouble some times, that's why the tips are usually painted orange.  So everyone knows their fake.

    3. BezeFox


      I see so child how do I require such water creating tools?

    4. braenuun


      You can go to ans supermarket and get one.  Ya gotta fill em up though.  The name brand ones from large general stores are often the better quality, though more expensive.