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  1. The evil snake's eyes glint alluringly

  2. We dance for the spirits and yet they are not appeased.

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  3. D&D Ideas and Other Table Top RPG's

    I believe this idea has merit but will require some careful thought. What's the point of a light spell if you need to have an existing light source? What sort of sympathetic environment is required of esoteric spells like translocations or force effects? Promoting environmental awareness and careful planning are both good, of course, so be sure any new restrictions have that aim in mind, and probably should be appropriate to spell level. And you'll need to have extra dynamic and interesting environments for your players to pay attention to, otherwise they'll just ask if that thing they need is around or not. Despite your best intentions, though, you should be prepared if they don't like it. The use of material components had a similar aim, but is typically considered so tedious that many groups have disregarded them for years, and of course in contemporary versions of the game you can just get a spell component pouch or spell focus to negate most of them. Perhaps it would be more fun if there were some type of lever involved, such as, more fire equals more fire magic power, that type of thing. Consider your goals and how you would react as a player. Good luck and keep rolling!
  4. D&D Ideas and Other Table Top RPG's

    I do not recommend removing abilities or prizes the players already have, or other such nerfs. My experience is that it leads to resentment, not more careful or creative play. If you are not satisfied with the way spellcasters are behaving, consider presenting problems they cannot simply blast away. The spells selected my most wizards today are of little help combating an entrenched conspiracy or secret society, for instance.
  5. D&D Ideas and Other Table Top RPG's

    The crusade in my game has been one of the most interesting events so far, featuring vendettas, former enemies united through honor, and political intrigue, as well as the primary military engagements.
  6. D&D Ideas and Other Table Top RPG's

    I will talk about elfgames anytime and forever. I don't know if it's any help but my current game has recently involved a crusade, vengeful ghosts, assassination, and the degenerate descendants of stranded space pirates. Hit me up if you need to bounce ideas of someone
  7. Awful Drawings

    I see dinosaur kaiju things and I kinda like them
  8. Hiyo!

    Greets and welcomes
  9. Hoi <('-')^

    Greets, welcome to here
  10. Whats your story?

    Miral is a Cosmic Space Beast! A supernova lit up the sky, outshining the galaxy, but rather than a neutron star or black hole, the star's remnant was a mote of super energized matter, unknown and unclassified. A cool outer crust formed around this stellar core in the shape of a cat, and so a new Space Beast was born, an enormous creature endowed with a high order of control over its matter and energy, resulting in a wide array of astounding abilities. Exploring the expansive environment of interstellar space, he was named Miral by the first civilizations he encountered, and had many amazing adventures, primarily in the science fantasy, superhero, and daikaiju genres. Miral's life experience totals over 300,000 Earth years, but due to extensive time traveling at the speed of light, slumbering in death-life stasis following some catastrophe, and passage through wormholes, he has objectively existed for millions of years. Yet this is only a fraction of a Space Beast's possible lifespan, and Miral has by not yet mastered his powers fully. Space and time stretch out infinitely before him. A fantastic journey of wonder and discovery awaits!
  11. "Fix your hearts or die."

    -Gordon Cole

  12. Greetings to all

    Ohh, an alien cat-thing. Welcome to here!