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Kiero last won the day on November 8 2016

Kiero had the most liked content!

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  1. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  2. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  3. Red

    Happy Birthday!

  4. *pokes his head in, cracking a smile* Heya guys!
  5. *picks up the Folf friend, moving him over to his lap for pets* It's fine man! Was quite adorable seeing you guys fight over waffles x3 *gently gives the Folf 2 of them* One for you and one for your boyfriend! ^^
  6. *yaaaaaaawns*

    Well holy shit, it's 2017!

    I hope you guys had a fun night last night.

    Here's to a way better year then last year! ^W^

    1. TieDyeDragon
    2. Chi-Chi


      Woot! ^w^

      I mean, considering some of the greatest things I could ask for happened to me in 2016, there is always room for improvement. ;3

  7. *hops in and moves to the fridge, takes some waffles, and hops over to the couch* Um... you guys know we got a fridge with them stocked... right? ;w;
  8. *hops in with a slight yawn, the Kangaroo's usual jovial manner strangely not shining through* Um... hey guys! Happy New Year!
  9. *Happily takes both, returning hours later with fresh fur, wagging happily* T-Thanks! ^W
  10. *tumbles hops in, the kangaroo's fur in a bad case of 'bed-head'* Morning folks! ^W^
  11. Hey! I'm doin' good ^W *tilts his head curiously, giving Doc a hug and cuddle*
  12. *tumbles in with a long yawn* Mornin' eveyrone! ^W
  13. Merry Christmas, ladies and gentlemen! I hope all of you have an amazing rest of the day!


    1. Miral


      Murry Kursmus to you too!

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