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  1. Is it just me, or is the refuge a bit quieter than it used to be?

    1. Red


      Been that way for well over a year or so.

    2. CoffeeMom


      The site is quiet, but the chat is still pretty active!

  2. bored. trying to program. >.>

    1. Red


      Do. Or not do. There is no try.

  3. Just learned the news on the UMG fire... Quite a tragedy... Master tapes from everyone from Elton Jhon to Luis Armstrong... gone.

    just search "UMG fire" its all over the internet.

    What really has me (and many others) furious, was this fire, happened in 2008, and Universal Music literally out and lied that they hadn't lost anything... for 11 years...

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    2. ThomasTheSpaceFox


      not any notable amounts, no.

    3. ThomasTheSpaceFox


      Master tapes from everyone from Luis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, countless rare and unreleased recordings... Elton Jhon... Literally every major Genre in the history of Tape Master recording has been affected by this... The New York times released lists of no less than HUNDREDS of artists who've lost masters, thanks to UMG's incompetence.

    4. CoffeeMom


      That stuff is very valuable and very flammable.  It's sad it's gonna and really infuriating that they tried to cover it up. I know there are groups that have been trying to create digital backups of a lot of that kind of stuff.  Maybe this will create a bigger push and a bigger incentive...

  4. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    What if you woke up as your Fursona?

    What if you woke up as your Fursona, and the while world were either their fursona, or if they had none, were the animal that most closely represent. Whats the first thing you do? Me: probably take a selfie or something to that effect, after turning on the news, and screaming into a mirror...
  5. I was wondering if anyone is doing some work on retro systems, or systems with less than stellar specifications. Myself, i have SBTCVM, a base 3 computer simulator with a '9-trit' 6.5Khz CPU and 19K words of RAM. With its own compiler suite. not only is it my project, i do most of the actual programming within it. 😛 It even emulates a 4-voice waveform-based sound chip. What kinds of retro/embedded stuff are you up to?
  6. Heres something to make basically anyone my age feel old: sponegebob turned 20 on may 1st.

    1. Red


      Me and Spongebob have the same BDay!?

  7. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    Your Computer's desktop

    you and me both :p
  8. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    Your Computer's desktop

    heh. funny. a topic about desktop screenshots, and the first two are a Debian+XFCE linux system, and a chrome OS laptop, with windows nowhere to be seen. :p
  9. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    Whats your workflow?

    A developer's workflow is like a craftman's tecqiuqe, no two are exactly the same. myself: graphics: The GIMP, inkscape sound & music: audacity & LMMS IDE: Geany documentation writing: Geany + markdown plugin, occasionally LibreOffice.
  10. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    2D tiling engines

    tiling engines, both the more hardware-centric found on older systems like the NES, and the more modern software centric ones, are a cornerstone of 2D gaming. I myself have written a few tiling engines. such as this one i never wound up using: What kinds of tiling engines have you worked on? any off the shelf ones you've used? ever written one?
  11. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    open soure game engines

    Open source games have this track record of being a mixed bag. some look gorgeous (Super Tux Kart, some look a /teeny bit/ more dated. (minetest) several open source games use an existing engine for graphics (i.e. irrlicht engine), but not all of them. Others, like AssultCube, use mostly existing engine tech. and even commercial games sometimes use open source components. like Bullet Physics, and lua. As far as open source 3D game engines, i myself can only recall a few: blender's game engine irrlicht godot 2D open source engines are as common as sand nowadays, even i have worked on a few of them. such as my point and click adventure game engine, desutezeoid, and its XML-based boolean keyword logic. (it does have a crude script as well in the form of a slightly enhanced animation script system.) Are you working on/using a open source game engine for something?
  12. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    Your Computer's desktop

    Your computer's desktop is like your real one. It may be neatly sorted and covered with useful things, or it may be covered in useless things you never use. :) Debian+XFCE for me. Whats yours look like? :) yes i made that wallpaper.
  13. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    PCs, Laptops, and such.

    Discussing PCs & laptops. ^.^ Some questions to help get things going: What Sorts of hardware are you running? What do you use your PC(s)/Laptop(s) for? what OS(es) do you use? how messy is your computer desk? :p do you have a super-customized rig? any plans? Myself: I have my tiny Acer Aspire V5, with its 4GB RAM, 1 Ghz Dual Core AMD APU, with 512MB Kabini graphics running Linux with the XFCE desktop, ...and not much else :p I use said Acer for programming, art, making music, web browsing, IRC chat, and playing a selection of open source games, like minetest and supertuxkart. :p As far as plans, i wouldn't mind building a nice higher end rig, if i had the money that is. :p
  14. spent the whole day installing debian after my previous Linux install went and broke yesterday...

    "Yea sure you'll get work done tomorrow... april fools!" >.>

    1. Red



    2. ThomasTheSpaceFox


      at least, the gpu drivers work MUCH better, and the bluetooth actually works :p