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  1. What makes you so silly!?

    1. SillyMouser69


      Most of the time i make really bad jokes and Dance like the idiot I am. lol

      also Somebody Toucha my spaghet

    2. Red


      You are the master of wit.

  2. Anyone wanna play Terraria with me? (Xbox 360)

  3. Battle mode is out on Minecraft console!! Yay

  4. Hmm....Chats Down Oh well it could play some Terraria or Minecraft or whatever I Have.

  5. I love it here everyone is friendly thanks for being such friends. =-D

    1. Mel the Blind Folf

      Mel the Blind Folf

      From what I've seen you're a really likeable fur with a good head on your shoulders, I'd say you're good to go for a long stay! Glad you're having fun, I hope to possibly add to it in the future!
    2. SillyMouser69
  6. SillyMouser69

    The Food Game

    Mozzarella cheese
  7. SillyMouser69

    The Food Game

    Oh oh I got some something that nobody has said. Cheese *smiles*
  8. SillyMouser69

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    I Love sunflower seeds =-D
  9. SillyMouser69

    The Food Game

    Dr pepper  drinking one right now XD
  10. SillyMouser69

    The Food Game

    oh i fixed it . but thankx for explaning this to me though
  11. SillyMouser69

    The Food Game

    umeboshi (nailed it) yes its real food