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  1. Wants to date a therian ^~^

  2. Vigilante

    Lonely collie looking for a friend :3

    Im 23   A wolfcoon :3   Down to earth and love to meet new people   I would say I am not judgemental 
  3. Vigilante

    Helloz, I'm Seiko and I like hugs.

    Hewwos der Seiko ^^ Welcome to Furnation!! I hope you enjoy your stay here ovo 
  4. Vigilante

    Post your "weird" fetishes (NSFW)

    @Sylver-Bat What you are describing is Pseudo-rape, since it is consensual :3 
  5. Vigilante

    Post your "weird" fetishes (NSFW)

    Yes I was talking about you ^.^ To be honest that idea does sound really hawt!!
  6. Vigilante

    Post your "weird" fetishes (NSFW)

    @Silver Someone is kinky x3
  7. Vigilante

    Borderlands 2, PC, looking for players

    Sure I would love to play some BL2 with you ^^ I would not mind starting a new character since I only have Gaige and the Psycho. Just send me your Steam ID and I will add yous .w.
  8. Vigilante


    Hello there and Welcome to TailsRefuge!!! I hope your enjoy your stay here ^w^ 
  9. Yay my gif works ^.^

  10. Vigilante

    0w0 Hello!

    Your welcomes OvO 
  11. Vigilante

    0w0 Hello!

    Welcome to TailsRefuge ^^ and I hope you have a great time here!!!
  12. Vigilante

    Maryland furs!

    Nice I am northeast XD 
  13. Vigilante

    Maryland furs!

    Awesomesauce what part? 
  14. Vigilante

    Maryland furs!

    Wow there is another Maryland fur here *gasp* That is awesome ^^ I live in Baltimore City and wbu? Feel free to add me to skype, steam or msg me on here :3
  15. Vigilante

    Post your "weird" fetishes (NSFW)

    @Satyros Aww thankies that makes me feel a whole lot better ovo