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  1. Recently single, out of work and really lonely *dabs*

    1. Red


      *sad face*

  2. SinkSankSunk

    Share your favorite in-game clips/caps!

    https://youtu.be/WZOftn-uoqs My dumb ass forgot how to embed videos. Again.
  3. Dude can someone tell me why I always come here to post stuff when I'm tipsy? Like I'm almost never sober

    1. braenuun


      *that* sounds like alcoholism

    2. SinkSankSunk


      @braenuun well I meant that I'm never sober when I come here. I only drink once or twice a month though

  4. == Results from bdsmtest.org == 
    76% Vanilla 
    59% Switch 
    56% Dominant 
    55% Master/Mistress 
    46% Owner 
    45% Experimentalist 
    45% Voyeur 
    44% Primal (Hunter) 
    42% Daddy/Mommy 
    42% Slave 

    Wao, no wonder I'm so boring. Watch out, or else I'm gonna politely ask you to blow me and then be absolutely fine with it when you tell me no.

  5. SinkSankSunk

    Share your favorite in-game clips/caps!

    Haha, man I love coming from above and dropping an elbow on em. I first started doing that in Left 4 Dead in a move I called "The Boomer Bomb" 🤣
  6. SinkSankSunk

    Share your favorite in-game clips/caps!

    I mean sometimes the bumrush is the strategy to go with. And yes you're definitely right, they walked into it. But at least I didn't choke or run away screaming 🤣
  7. SinkSankSunk

    Share your favorite in-game clips/caps!

    Oh that was sick, tho. Better watch out cuz SnowmewJ is givin em the hands. This was probably the first time I went mvp in Siege? I think
  8. SinkSankSunk

    Last person to post wins.

    *wakes up* ....what's going on?
  9. I need booOOZE UGH

    1. Red


      Then go get some.

    2. SinkSankSunk


      Boi I'm broke af. Which is exactly why I need booze in the first place

    3. Red


      What a vicious cycle.

  10. Whew I'm back finally. I've been stuck in a deep hole for weeks! Fortunately I had a gallon of gasoline and an old moldy casserole to eat, unfortunately however, my blood hurts now. Anybody got like a good home-remedy cleanse I could try?

  11. SinkSankSunk

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Well ain't you just the prettiest?
  12. I managed to make it through the night without doing something stupid! Everyone I know went to bed and I didn't go panhandling for dick pics! What a victory

  13. Im gonna regret this tomorrow. Whenever i wake up

    1. crash


      awe cmon,  whatever it is couldn't possibly be as bad as some of the shit and schenanigans I pull when I'm drunk. were probly talking about completely different kinds of shit but.....join the club.....?:Etain:

    2. Red