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Minty Julep

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  • Birthday 04/21/1978

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    Mouse/highland cow
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  1. Happy Birthday Minty Julep! I hope it is a good one!

  2. Hi erryone!  I'm Mint Julep, but my friends just call me Minty!  Normally I'm a pretty little femmeboy (bi, but prefer guys) mouse, but sometimes I come out as a rather beefy highland cow! *rawr?*   I've been a huge fan of the community for...let's just say moar than a decade and leave it at that, shall we?  At any rate, I've always been a quiet little lurker, but lately I've found myself with an abundance of free time!  Yayyy, me!  I've never been to any cons (for anything) but I hope to change that in the future and build mahself a fursuit fer cosplay'n and all that!   As for roleplay, I'm down for just about anything [Shadowrun, D&D...I'm kidding(noI'mnot)]...anything that's either fun, dirty, or both! <3   I guess you could also label me as artistic, but my talents lean towards the written word and photography.  I manage to mangle even stick-men, so you won't catch me drawing much on my Wacom.   The only thing I expect out of the Refuge is a good time!  Be it meeting cool people or having great fun, I'm down for it all! ;)   Peace,   - Minty  
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