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  1. Really missing my mate, but thankfully i have friends for support

  2. If you want to talk to me, i usually am online at night

  3. if i leave suddenly, its because my computer sucks

  4. I wish my mate was here... ;-;

  5. This community REALLY needs a secondary windo for chat, like in steam

  6. FerrinTheArcticWolf

    "How does this thing work?"

    "Oh, and sorry about your engine Anon" *Wags my slightly singed tail*
  7. FerrinTheArcticWolf

    "How does this thing work?"

    *Gasps* "VISITORS!!!! I. MUST. MAKE. COOKIES!!!!"
  8. Welcome to Tailsrefuge, I just got here yesterday and I am already swarmed with lots of friendly furs, if you want to have fun and such, you came to the right place, I am in no way doing this to get money and am definitely NOT getting paid by Tailsrefuge to say this, and um, my neck and ears need a good nibble everynow and then so, if you want to, give me a call ^^