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  1. I'm Molbio/Biochem, graduated a few months ago c: Does most of the activity take place in the group chat or the forums themselves?
  2. Cahuella

    I'm new

    Hey, a fox c: I'm new too! I keep trying to visualize what these forums would look like xD... tons of different fursonas walking around or something like that o.o
  3. Hello furred individuals,   How are we all tonight?   I'm not too sure how to start so I just will- I'm 22, I've considered myself furry for about 8 years. I've reshaped many aspects of my fursona around over the years- in the end I landed somewhere fairly similar to where I started. (Good ol' vulpine) Blah blah too many fetishes blah videogamin' blah looking around for someone cool blah blah you know. :P   And if you want to know more, just ask say hey and if you need any help with bio/biochem/chem, I gotcha <3
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