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  1. League of Legends?

    I play leeeeeague I'm only silver 2 though whoops
  2. Hello! :D

    Hey new *insert list of ll animals*'s! My name is James, and my main fursona is JJ the white tiger. Haven't had any comissions done so nkt really thought out the intricates of the character, however have discussed with myself many a time regarding personality. JJ is a happy chap, loves sports and exercise, and also the odd bit of gaming. He loves to hang out and spend time with friends. Basically me, but put into an anthro tiger ^.^ I love to game in my spare time, and can easily find time for friends. I currently study A levels in what us brits call upper school, and take Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Music, and I play badminton and basketball for the school team. I love making new friends and chatting to everyone of all shapes and sizes and species and genders and *insert huge list of furry diversities*. If you wanna talk, hit me up on skype (o0MrBuilder0o or diego_tiger_lawrence) or steam (diggersrulez or muzecsgo) ^,^