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Knight-Commander Dietrich

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    Hero of many Sins.
  • Birthday 05/23/1917

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    Homo. S. Sapien
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  1. Finally, I have got around to doing alittle thing about my favourite RP character. Not done, only added a tiny bit of info. But atleast the about me section isn't blank ;) 

  2. Just saw your Rank... Would like to say...that is totally awesome and it makes me disgustingly happy.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dav Sionnach
    3. Knight-Commander Dietrich

      Knight-Commander Dietrich

      Was wondering when you'd notice.

    4. Chinona


      I don't profile hop so it takes me seeing a few posts...

  3. Greetings, you've found me. To what do I owe the honor, ser knight?

    1. Knight-Commander Dietrich

      Knight-Commander Dietrich

      Mutual Aqquatiances bring us together, just making it official! 

    2. Alcedo


      I suppose. *nods solemnly*

  4. But since you're a valuable and important person, I'll look the other way.
  5. *Smashes a hole through the wall right beside yesterday's 'entrance', instead of going through that one.* Theft is a crime Chi, I hope you know that.
  6. Two-handed greatswords, Hammers and Axes. Anything that requires two hands and is massive and intimidating. I forsake a shield for a for a more dangerous style of fighting because I like the risk factor.... And my hand can't fit in most shields.
  7. Apologies, if only you knew mine and Chi's hatred for... Goats then you'd understand. And thats a intelligent choice you made, Seth, combat truly gives one nothing in the end but pain and misery. I'm too far in to save now, I'm a fighter and always will be.
  8. *Raises arms and yells "Why not both, tiny animal! " *
  9. Ah, a sorcerer? Hm... Well as long as you're not an archer we'll be fine! And Chi, I hope those paws are clean and the goats are eh..... Terminated.
  10. Mm... Yes, I saw your link Daniel. I have no comment.
  11. "An even balance, both good and bad. I hope you've been well Dav."
  12. *Cradles the tiny cup, staring at it confused* "I've been busy... To put it bluntly, only had a tiny amount of time to check the site every once in a while... good to see you two m-... Men? Men! Hard to tell with your floofs and... Yeah."
  13. Greetings. *Takes the tiny cup into his massive hands* "But how."
  14. *Smashes through the wall, creating a massive hole behind him. The giant beast of a human heroically breathing as he scans the room from behind his helmet.* WHO and WHAT called me? Is the organic shoulder-heating white-furred, pink-nosed goat hating leopard free of mud? I hope so, And I hope Dav is still in power? I've been 'gone' to long! *Cracks back and stretches arms*
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