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  1. It's been fun, my friends. 

    If you want to find me, come looking. 


    1. nickthewolfie


      hn, wonder how hard that would be

  2. Tombax

    What if you're actually Green? 

    1. Red


      Then I would always be thinking about money.

    2. Tombax


      So what are you thinking about now? 


    3. Red



      As usual.

  3. Tombax

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM is a really nice person. ^w^
  4. A new year begins. What will you do with it? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Alcedo


      Make it better than 2016 (which was already good)

    3. Alexandra


      Become a responsible adult that doesn't leave the thermostat on for a month and knows how to make eggs. Also commissions, hopefully.

    4. Mel the Blind Folf

      Mel the Blind Folf

      Live life to the fullest and not be such a workaholic ^^

  5. Woof.
    You back in town, buddy? ^w^

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    2. Tombax


      You know me, just draggin along. XD 
      I've been having a good time. Lots of workin' but that's to be expected. Finally got the apartment looking like a person lives there haha



    3. DrunkOnSorrow


      Well, I'm leaving off to Washington in February. I have some family issues I need to deal with for a bit, so I am moving there 

    4. Tombax


      I hope everything gets sorted out for you. I wish you the very best there. Let's have lunch before you go!

  6. There is virtue in the long haul. 

    1. Anomalous Fox

      Anomalous Fox

      How long?  Because I just got back from a 22,000 Ly trip in Elite...

  7. Tombax

    Last person to post wins.

    I welcome the new regime. I shall dispatch a Carthaginian destruction upon whosoever shall be foolish enough to oppose you.
  8. Successfully roasted a turkey without it being dry. Grandma would be so proud if she could be here. ^w^

    1. Chinona


      I did this today as well!  Congrats!

    2. Tombax


      Thanks Chi!! 

      I hope you had fun!! 

    3. Chinona


      I did! I'm hoping you did as well!

  9. Did not sleep. Am tired. Ready to collapse. Christmas dinner must happen.... I'll go chug another pot of coffee. 

  10. Tombax

    Last person to post wins.

    I'd rather marry king butter. X3
  11. Tombax

    Last person to post wins.

    You too!! Morning everyone!
  12. Tomorrow will mark our first christmas together!

    It's so nice to be able to spend the holidays with you X3

    You're the only gift I need, I love you!

    1. Tombax



      The holidays were always a time of stress and unhappiness for me. You've fixed that. Every day with you is a holiday. 
      I love you too!!!

  13. Kinda liking using different programs for writing and typesetting. WYSIWYG is so hard to write with because I get hung up in trying to format as I go.

  14. I love that feeling when your hands just attack the keyboard and hammer out a couple thousand words. Nothing quite like it.


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    2. Maxon


      I love you TOOOOOOO!!

    3. Alcedo


      and we come full circle once more. get a room. :P

    4. Glacero


      hugs my brother