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  1. what mmo Rpg should i try?

  2. Hi and welcome, I think you'll fit in nicely here, a lot of people ramble here :D Including me :3
  3. Hmm, perhaps a chimera OC? Or maybe a Pokemon character?

  4. need ideas for OC's

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Solid256


      Hmm, bats and weasels aren't too common, or mice even. I'd like to see more of those personally. I guess mixing species can also open more doors for creativity (dragon foxes, etc).
    3. Muffinz
    4. Solid256


      No problem, glad to help ^^.
  5. I can for free, all I need is a pic of the fursona
  6. Muffinz


    Hi, I am Muffinz the Kahary, I am mainly interested in art and making new friends, I am not violent or self centered I can have a short fuse when it comes to jerk's making fun of others for no paticler reason. I enjoy playing video game sometimes and making art or hanging out with friends just talking about the fandom and discussing about art,games,fursona OC's,and making up random nonsense just to have fun
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