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  1. ItsVi

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM is a fox!
  2. ItsVi

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM has some really nice looking goggles. ;w;
  3. Looks like Vi is now a Kemono Dragon. xD;  A friend let me know that Fuzisawa made the Kururutei's a closed race. ;w;  I'll commission the one who made my ref to add the few changes to Vi so he doesn't look like a Kururutei. x3;

  4. ItsVi

    Last person to post wins.

    Heyyyyy. ;w; Who's eating waffles without me?
  5. Got gifted some scary games to play.  ;w; *prays*  RIP me

  6. Merry Christmas! ^^

    1. Alcedo


      Merry Christmas you pretty kuru

  7. I fixed my status updates! For awhile I was confused why I couldn't post any. lol

    1. Sweets


      I can't post any on my wall how do you do that?

    2. ItsVi


      Oh okay. Got it now. You go to Edit Profile, and under your name or something on the top of the list, there should be an option to enable status something. ^^;  Forgot to take a picture of it to use before typing this.  But the option is in there. :3

  8. ItsVi

    Last person to post wins.

    Thanks for the welcome! Also. ;w; I won for only a tiny bit there for posting last. lol
  9. ItsVi

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM looks really cool. ;A;
  10. ItsVi

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM is on fire! AHHHHHHHHH
  11. ItsVi

    I'm borrrrrrrrrrred

    We has a german shepard with his pants also down.  And the people recording want more.
  12. ItsVi

    I'm borrrrrrrrrrred

    Ohhhhh, doing good. Standing here with my pants down since someone is documenting for embarrassing and scandelous moments here. Oh! But over here-   *trips because pants*